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    OPAC: Add Search Results Icons for Multiple Items and Multiple Holdings

    Created By: Lesli M. Moore
    Created on: 5/14/2019

    [This article was copied from the Voyager Wiki.]


    This relates to WebVoyage Tomcat 7.2.1 and forward.

    When searching the OPAC, the results display with green checks and red X marks depending on item status.  Unfortunately, there are no icons (by default) for titles with multiple holdings and/or multiple items.  This leads to patron confusion and a sense of "invisibility" of those records.  To correct this, you can add your own icon to titles with multiple holdings/items.


    1.    In /m1/voyager/xxxdb/tomcat/vwebv/context/vvwebv/ui/SKIN/xsl/pageFacets/resultsFacets.xsl, look for 5th line call (about 1/4 of the way down the page).  Specifically,
                                            <xsl:variable name="classAvailable">
                                                    <xsl:when test="page:value = 'avail'">available</xsl:when>
                                                    <xsl:when test="page:value = 'notAvail'">notAvailable</xsl:when>
                                                    <xsl:when test="page:value = 'multiItem'">multiItem</xsl:when>
                                                    <xsl:when test="page:value = 'noItem'">noItem</xsl:when>
                                                    <xsl:when test="page:value = 'multiHold'">multiHoldings</xsl:when>
                                                    <xsl:when test="page:value = 'noHold'">noHoldings</xsl:when>
    2.    Make note of the available, notAvailable, multiItem, etc class names.

    CSS (local file or resultsFacets.css)

    3.    In your local CSS file (or resultsFacets.css), add the following where className = the appropriate class name from resultsFacets.xsl and imageName.gif = the appropriate icon file name:
    .className {
       width: 18px;     
       height: 18px;
       float: left;

    icon image(s)

    4.    In /m1/voyager/xxxdb/tomcat/vwebv/context/vvwebv/ui/SKIN/images, add your appropriate file(s) – in my case, icon_multiholdings.gif.




    In your CSS, you can group stanzas.  For example, in my local CSS file, I have:
    .multiHoldings, .multiItem {
       width: 18px;           
       height: 18px;
       float: left;

    As always, remember to backup your working files before you change anything.

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