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    ACQ: unable to approve invoice if extended allocation on PO not cleanly divided

    • Article Type: Known Issue
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 9.1
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct; Direct; Local; Total Care


    • Attempt to approve invoice results in message "An error occurred while approving this invoice!"
    • Line item has extended fund allocation which is divided in a way that results in a fraction of penny on PO

    Defect Status

    Issue VYG-6734 is currently in Development.

    Replication Steps

    In Acquisitions

    1. Create a PO and add a line item.
    2. Give line item a price that is an odd number (e.g., $9.75)
    3. Use extended allocation to divide the cost in a way that is uneven (e.g., 50% to two funds)
    4. Approve PO
    5. Create Invoice and add line item from PO.
    6. Give line item a price that is evenly divisible (e.g., $10.00)
    7. Click Approve.

    Message in client: "An error occurred while approving this invoice!"
    Message in log.voyager:
    acqsvr[4957] - SEVERE - Wed Jul 22 06:37:05 2015
    - ReconcilePO - recncil.h[472]
    Inconsistent data in purchase order {PO number} at line 1. Assertion Failed: LF->amount.value == price_amount


    Change price on PO to be evenly divisible:

    1. Open PO for line item on invoice.
    2. Line Item > Edit Approved
    3. Increase price by $0.01 or an amount that allows the allocation to be cleanly divided without any fractional pennies.
      1. Alternately, use exact amount to allocate funds, assigning one fund the additional penny.
    4. Save.
    5. Return to Invoice.
    6. Approve.