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    CIRC:hold shelf life pulls from policy of discharge loc, not item loc

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 6.2, 7.0.2


    Hold shelf life appears to be determined by the patron group/item type matrix in the policy definition that contains the location where the item was discharged.

    Defect status

    Issue 16384-3761 / VYG-4672 is currently in Development

    Replication steps

    NOTE: Policy A and B belong to the same cluster.
    1. In Circ Policy Definition A, set the Hold Shelf Life for Faculty/Book to 10 days.
    2. In Circ Policy Definition B, set the Hold Shelf Life for Faculty/Book to 7 days.
    3. Create an item that has a location belonging to Circ Policy Definition A.
    4. Place a hold on item in Circulation. Set pickup location as location in Circ Policy Definition B.
    5. Log into Circulation at the pickup location.
    6. Discharge the item to the hold shelf and look at the expiration date of the request. Date is today’s date + 7 days, not today’s date + 10 days.

    • Article last edited: 19-Mar-2015