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    Can we make direct updates to our Voyager database with SQL?

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Voyager


    We have a lot of data we want to update; can we make a direct SQL update to our Voyager database, rather than making changes through Voyager's existing functionality?


    The Voyager database is a complex Oracle relational database designed to be written to only via the Voyager software. Customer Support will only approve of updates provided directly for the purpose of software bug resolution. Customer Support is happy to work with users to determine the best way to accomplish data changes using the Voyager software. Customer Support does not and will not recommend updating data through any means other than the Voyager software.

    Voyager functionality includes many batch processes and programs for updating Cataloging records, patron information and other data in the Voyager database. If there are specific changes batch jobs do not address that may be relevant for future functionality, please open a Case to request an enhancement to the Voyager software in a future release.

    Additional Information

    • Any updates performed could result in unforeseen complications in the database or the clients.
    • Not all problems may be immediately evident and updates to one area may affect the data and clients in another.
    • Updates outside of Voyager software are at site's own risk. Customer Support will not be responsible for these updates, or their consequences.
    • Customer Support will not troubleshoot problems related to these updates; sites will be directed to restore data.
    • If Support should choose to assist with restoring data in any way, there will be charges for these services.

    • Article last edited: 20-Oct-2014
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