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    FT: UB/CIRC: Fines not forgiven for stub patrons

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 9

    Problem Symptoms:
    ? Although policy and security profiles allow removal of lost item and overdue fines for patron, when operator elects to remove fines upon lost item discharge, fines are not removed for stub patron records

    This behavior is a result of Issue VYG-5169.

    Issue VYG-5169 has been fixed for Voyager 9.0.0 and above.

    Additional Information

    Workflow Implications:
    Stubs cannot have lost item & overdue fines removed when lost items are returned. Must be manually forgiven.

    Replication Steps:
    UB environment; "remotedb" = db with stub patron record, "homedb" = db with home patron record
    1. In remotedb, identify stub patron with items past due for long enough to be considered Lost.
    2. In SysAdmin for remotedb, set policy and security to remove fees when lost items discharged:
    a. Circulation > Policy Definitions > {Policy definition} > Policies
    b. Check the following options:
    i. Lost Item Return: remove overdue fines
    ii. Lost Item Return: remove processing fee
    iii. Lost Item Return: remove replacement fee
    iv. Lost Item Return: decrement patron lost item count
    c. In Security > Circulation Profiles > {Security profile} > Profile 1:
    d. Check the following options:
    i. Lost item return: refund overdue
    ii. Lost item return: refund replacement fee
    iii. Lost item return: refund processing fee
    iv. Lost item return: decrement patron lost counter
    3. In remotedb, run circjob 12 to trigger overdue & lost item fines & fees.
    4. Log into Circultion and note the overdue and lost fines and fees, and the patron counters.
    5. Discharge the lost item from the patron; you will be presented with a series of dialog boxes:
    a. "You are about to discharge all of the selected items. Proceed?" Click Yes.
    b. "Item information box: Item marked as 'Lost'" Click OK.
    c. "Item is marked with status(es): Lost Remove status(es)?" Click Yes.
    d. "Item is marked as lost. Remove the following?
    x Remove overdue Fine
    x Remove Lost Item Replacement Fee
    x Remove Lost Item Processing Fee
    x Decrement the Patron Lost Item Counter"
    Ensure all are checked and click OK.
    6. Note that although the policy indicates lost fees should be removed, and operator is in profile with permission to remove these, the lost item counter is not decremented, and none of the marked fines (lost item processing, lost item replacement, overdue) are forgiven.

    None. (Manually forgive fines as was done before feature was introduced)

    Category: Circulation

    • Article last edited: 3/18/2014
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