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    Recommended App Testing

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    HockeyApp is the system used by campusM to distribute iOS and Android Sandbox releases to app testers.
    All testers must be invited to be a Sandbox tester for the apps they want to test. An invitation and instructions is received via email.
    Once a tester has been invited to their organization’s team to test a specific app, the tester must create an account with HockeyApp and register their devices before any Sandbox releases can be accessed.

    Sandbox App

    A Sandbox version of the app is installed for each customer to test configuration before it is implemented in the Production app.
    Although this is a very useful tool for testing and developing new areas in the app, it must be noted that content cannot be copied directly from the Sandbox app to the Production app. It is recommended that configuration is tested in principle on the Sandbox app. Once the component has been thoroughly tested, the configuration can be duplicated on the Production app. The new component should be assigned to a Sandbox App Role whilst the detail is finalised and testing completed. The new menu option can then be assigned to the appropriate App Roles and published.