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    How do I prepare for the iOS 11 release?

    • Product: campusM


    What are the tests I need to take to ensure my campusM app will work with iOS 11?


    Background: Imminent iOS 11 release

    Apple are preparing for the release of iOS 11, the next major version of their mobile operating system. Please review the full details at:
    This annual event occurs about the same time each year, with September/October being the key release months (along with new hardware). And each year campusM run through a broad range of regression tests to identify potential issues with a major change in operating system.
    Whilst we make every effort to ensure that the app is supported by the latest operating systems, given the scale of the change and the flexibility that our customers have to develop their own screens and functions, there is always a risk that some features may not function as before.

    Logging into the app and accessing integrations

    Apple have made several changes to the methods used to link back to the app from other apps or services. This could affect customers who are using SSO and are directed to an external login service before being redirected back to the app.
    Apple are improving HTTPS security, which includes the depreciating a number of older certificate security standards, including certificates signed using SHA1 and certificates signed using an RSA key with a key size less than 2048 bits.

    Location Services

    Apple is changing the way permissions are handled for Location Services. This could affect functionality where these location services are accessed.


    1. Download iOS 11 to an iOS test device as soon as possible and make use of the preview ability where possible:
    2. Run through a range of tests that cover off all key areas of campusM functionality, including: login, timetable (class schedule), maps, notifications, etc.
    3. Test features and functions that access data via secured web services (utilizing the Connect Layer), or via 3rd party web services
    4. Test map features to ensure its properly functioning
    5. Ensure the title is correct as Apple limits the number of characters available for the app title to 30. More information from apple can be found here:

    App Store Listings
    Apple are also making significant changes to the way apps are listed and presented in their store. This means that Ex Libris may be asked for additional information prior to a release.
    Reporting Issues
    Each year we ensure that we have the support team on hand to track potential issues so that we can minimise disruption to your end users’ experience. To ensure we can manage issues correctly, we ask that customers log any identified iOS 11 preview related issues through Salesforce, and ensure it is clearly indicated in the ticket title or description.


    • Article last edited: 11-Sep-2017