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    Monitoring App Usage

    Viewing Feedback

    When configuring app feedback, you can configure that administrators receive feedback by email. To configure app feedback, see Configuring App Feedback.
    You can configure which feedback types are available to users (App Settings > Feedback > Feedback Configuration): Feedback, Problems, and Ideas.
    You can view feedback in the App Manager in the pages Feedback (App Settings > Feedback > Feedback), Problems (App Settings > Feedback > Problems), and Ideas (App Settings > Feedback > Ideas). Each page presents a list of feedback messages; for information about working with lists, see Working with Lists. You can filter each list by searching the list or by selecting one of the categories on the right.
    Each feedback message includes the following information:
    • Feedback entered - The date and time of the message.
    • Platform
    • OS version
    • Device model
    • App or page - Whether this is feedback about the current page or the app in general.
    • Page title - The page from which this message was submitted.
    • Comments - The end-user's message.
    • Rating - The end-user's rating of the page/app.
    To download the entire list as a CSV file, select Download CSV. The downloaded file is named feedback.csv and includes all feedback, not just the feedback currently visible according to the selected filter (if any).

    Viewing App Usage Statistics

    You view statistics about app usage across all platforms on the Insight Analytics page (Insight Analytics). See Analytics.
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