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    Overview of the App Builder Module

    The App Builder module enables the administrator to develop the app using a preview of what the end user sees in the app, depending on their device, their App Profile and their App Role. App Builder uses a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface so that the administrator can make changes, see how they are presented to the end user community and publish them immediately. This includes new tiles, and modifying existing tiles.

    Some simpler menu options can be developed entirely within App Builder but there are some functions that are set up in both App Settings and in App Builder and others that refer to an AEK component. To ensure continuity, the App Settings are described in their relevant section in the guide, and then extended in the App Builder section. The AEK module follows the section on App Builder. In all cases, links are provided between the two sections.

    App Builder module
    The following section explains the design options in the App Builder module in detail.
    App Builder module window
    App Builder module window
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