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    Getting Started

    Product Integrations functionality allows you to configure products with the campusM App Manager to fit the needs of your institution.
    With the Product Integrations functionality, you can quickly configure your own products to fit your needs whenever you want, with no extra cost or need to involve the campusM development team. Product Integrations are part of the monthly release and therefore will be continually maintained and improved with the product, including enhancements, bug fixes, and quality assurance checks. Additionally, Product Integrations offer specific flexible configurations for each product integration that allows you to decide on a specific look and feel and integration behaviors.

    Only specific products can be configured, but new products are constantly being introduced.

    Note that the customer-developed AEK method is still available for you to develop your own custom integrations; however, customer-developed AEK are not part of the monthly enhancements and campusM/ExL quality cycles. For more information about customer-developed AEK, see the Developers Network.

    The following are required to implement Product Integrations functionality:
    • The campusM native app (Android/iOS) must be updated with the April 2020 release or later.
    • Open communication between your institution's products and systems and the campusM services and systems. For more information refer to campusM IP Whitelisting.
    • Your institution’s products and systems must be signed by trusted certificate authorities.
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