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    360: Informit Platform Change

    Informit Platform Change

    The provider, Informit, has recently changed platforms. This change requires updating the linking syntax, creating and/or reloading knowledgebase collections, creating and/or reloading discovery feeds. This article will detail the changes for all products with timelines as they become available. Please see below for more details.

    The Alma, SFX, and 360 link resolvers and knowledgebases will be updated with the provider’s new linking syntax. Please see the table below for the affected collections.

    All knowledgebase collections were updated and released May 23, 2021.

    DBID 360 Database Name Alma Database Name SFX Database Name
    KAE A+ Education Informit A+ Education INFORMIT_A_PLUS_EDUCATION
    KAS A+ Education (Selective Full Text)    
    KGS AGIS Plus Text (Selective Full Text)    
    KPA Australian Public Affairs Full Text  Informit Australian Public Affairs Full Text INFORMIT_AUSTRALIAN_PUBLIC_AFFAIRS_FULL
    KPS Australian Public Affairs Full Text (Selective Full Text)    
    KFS Families & Society Collection    
    KSF Family & Society Plus (Selective Full Text)    
    JOM Informit Business Collection Informit Business Collection INFORMIT_BUSINESS_COLLECTION
    IEN Informit Engineering Collection Informit Engineering Collection INFORMIT_ENGINEERING_COLLECTION
    AS2 Informit Family & Society Collection Informit Families and Society Collection INFORMIT_FAMILIES_AND_SOCIETY_COLLECTION
    AH1 Informit Health Collection Informit Health Collection INFORMIT_HEALTH_COLLECTION
    KEL Informit Humanities & Social Sciences Collection Informit Humanities & Social Sciences Collection INFORMIT_HSS_COLLECTION
    I8I Informit Indigenous Collection Informit Indigenous Collection INFORMIT_INDIGENOUS_COLLECTION
    PU1 Informit Literature & Culture Collection Informit Literature and Culture Collection INFORMIT_LITERATURE_AND_CULTURE_COLLECTION
    PU3 Informit Literature & Culture Collection (Backfiles)    
    AS1 Informit New Zealand Collection Informit New Zealand Collection INFORMIT_NEW_ZEALAND_COLLECTION

    Discovery Index

    The CDI feeds from Informit for Primo and Summon will be refreshed to reflect the provider’s new platform on July 30, 2021.

    Product Grouping / Feeds
    Informit Collections
    A+Education (Australian Education Index Plus Text)
    Australian Public Affairs Full Text (APAFT)
    AGIS Plus Text

    Four issues were brought to our attention once the Informit feeds went live that are currently being worked on:

    1. EduTV dates: Broadcast date was indexed instead of Publication Date. This issue will be resolved as part of the October CDI content release.

    2. EduTV and TVNews "Is Part of": The Is Part of indicator will be resolved as part of the October CDI content release.

    3. Record count confirmation: We have reached out to Informit to confirm we've received all records to confirm if there is a gap.

    Informit has let us know they are aware of these recort count discrepancies, and they are working to send us update files for the feeds that have low record counts.

    4. Duplicate records: There have been duplicate records in the results, so we have reached out to Informit to inquire about the duplication source.

    Informit is aware of the duplicates in a few feeds, and will work to consolidate these so they merge. 

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