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    Client Center: Interface Languages

    • Product: 360 Core Client Center

    How do I choose a different language for the Client Center?

    Each Client Center user (account) can choose to display the Client Center in one of several languages.

    • Changing the Client Center interface language does not change the languages that your patrons see in ProQuest discovery services (such as Summon, 360 Search, etc.). You use the Administration Console to change the available languages for patron-facing services.

    • At this time, you cannot change the interface language of the Administration Console, which is the part of the Client Center where you configure the various patron-facing discovery services like the E-Journal Portal, 360 Search, etc. For now, the Administration Console interface is only available in English.

    The list of available interface languages is found here. Over time, we plan to offer the Client Center in other languages, so if the language you want is not yet available, let us know using the Support Portal option near the top of this page.

    To change the Client Center language interface for yourself or for another staff person at your library, follow the instructions on editing Client Center accounts.

    After changing the interface language to something other than English, you will notice that some Client Center elements are still in English. For example, as seen below in a French-language interface, the various database Status settings are all in English:

    Database Details - French Interface - Status Dropdown

    We will endeavor to translate as many elements as possible, and appreciate your patience in the meantime.

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