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    360 Core: Account Management Terms and Permissions

    • Product: 360 Core Client Center

    What do the terms and permissions used in my Accounts List mean?

    This document contains explanations for all the terms and permissions you might see on the Account Details page in the Client Center.

    Client Account Terms

    Client or Library: The organization that subscribes to Serials Solutions.

    Account: An online identity of a Client Center user.

    Primary Account or Primary Contact: Account that is contacted by Serials Solutions when general issues arise. It is mandatory that each library have a Primary Account.

    Secondary Account or Secondary Contact: Should the Primary Account not be available for general issues, the Secondary Account is contacted.

    Additional Account: Any other account holder who is not designated the Primary or Secondary Account.

    Account Permissions Terms

    None: Account is not able to view or edit information regarding the permission area.

    View: Account is able to view but not edit information regarding the permission area.

    View/Edit: Account is able to both view and edit information regarding the permission area.

    360 Core Permissions Terms

    Statistics Tools: Areas that display your library's statistics, such as Usage Statistics and Overlap Analysis.

    360 Link Customization: Access to the 360 Link Administration Console to view (and change) details of your library's 360 Link service.

    Data Management: Areas in which database and holdings subscription information are managed, including subscription status, holdings selections, URL's, coverage dates, notes and authentication information.

    Data On Demand: The tool that allows subscribing library account holders to download complete or partial lists of the holdings managed in the Client Center.

    Date Format: Area that allows for customization of the date format displayed in the Client Center.

    Display Full Details: Select View or View/Edit to allow the user to see personal names in the View Changes feature. If None is selected, the user will see either Library Staff or Ex Libris Staff instead of personal names.

    E-Journal Portal Customization: Access to the E-Journal Portal Administration Console, to view and change details of your library's E-Journal Portal interface.

    Summon Customization: Access to the Summon Administration Console, to view and change details of your library's Summon interface, access usage reporting features, and see your library's MARC mappings. 

    Summon Usage Statistics: Access to the Summon usage statistics OBI platform from the Client Center home page (in the Business Intelligence Tools section) without having to go into the Summon Administration Console.

    Library Accounts: Areas that display details about accounts that are attached to your Client Center profile, such as the Account Management page, view account page, edit account page, and add account page.

    Library Information: Areas that display administrative information within the Client Center, such as Library Name, Institution Name, Library Web site Address, Proxy URL, OPAC, Library/Institutional IPs, and View Changes.

    Local Holdings Management: Area where a local-holdings database (also called library-specific holdings or library-managed holdings) -- for example, print titles, microfiche, and so on -- can be created and managed. Titles can be added to the database individually or uploaded from a file and updated as needed.

    Ulrichsweb Customization: Access to the Ulrichsweb Administration Console, to view (and change) details of your library's Ulrichsweb interface.

    Ulrichsweb Usage Statistics: Access to the Ulrich's Usage Statistics, to view Ulrichsweb usage.

    User Authentication Customization: Access to the User Authentication Administration Console to view (and change) details of your library's User Authentication feature.

    Knowledgebase Notifications: Access to the Knowledgebase Notifications page that indicates updates regarding providers and databases in your Client Center profile.

    360 Resource Manager and 360 Counter Permissions Terms

    Administration: Stores administrative information about an e-resource. (360 Resource Manager only)

    Licensing: Tool for managing e-resource licenses (360 Resource Manager only)

    Contacts: Tool for managing Contacts important to the Library s workflow (360 Resource Manager only)

    Notes: Tool to add notes to the Library s e-resources (360 Resource Manager only)

    Vendor Statistics Metadata: Stores login and other information related to retrieving usage statistics (both 360 Resource Manager and 360 Counter)

    Menus: Tool for customizing drop down menus (both 360 Resource Manager and 360 Counter)

    Alerts: Tool for creating alerts (360 Resource Manager only)

    Collections: Ability to place resources into a Collection costs (both 360 Resource Manager and 360 Counter)

    Cost Data: Tools that enables the management of subscription costs (both 360 Resource Manager and 360 Counter)

    Counter: Tool that enables the uploading and view of usage statistics (360 Counter only)

    Resource Renewals: Tool for managing the data associated with e-resource renewals (360 Resource Manager only)

    Email Notices Terms

    Email Notices: Emails that are sent to accounts by Ex Libris. These are specialized by product and fall into the categories listed below.

    Information: Important informational emails and updates regarding a particular product.

    Delivery: Emails containing a report or indicating that new update to your products' data is now available. This is mandatory for all subscribed products.

    360 Core/Reports: Contact regarding 360 Core tools (including your E-Journal Portal) and any reports you may receive.

    360 MARC Updates: Contact regarding our MARC records service. You do not have to subscribe to this service to receive information.

    360 Link: Contact regarding our Open-URL linking service. You do not have to subscribe to this service to receive information.

    360 Resource Manager: Contact regarding our e-resources management service. You do not have to subscribe to this service to receive information.

    News: Contact regarding important general news from Serials Solutions. It is recommended that at least one account for your library receive news.

    Billing: Contact regarding your library's subscription or billing information.

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