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    360 MARC Updates: National Library of Medicine (NLM) Records

    • Product: 360 MARC Updates

    What are NLM records?

    National Library of Medicine (NLM) records are an additional non-CONSER record type option that we offer. NLM records can enhance authority data within the 360 KB, because they sometimes carry information not included in CONSER records. For example, an NLM record might include a 210 or an ISSN. Additional data like this is searchable in 360 Core and 360 Link, and improves journal or full-text access for all libraries.
    Please note that we do not recommend placing NLM records as your top priority record. We recommend placing NLM below CONSER records and above Serials Solutions Original records. This is because most, but not all, NLM records are contributed to CONSER. Once the record has been contributed to CONSER, that record may be updated independently of the original NLM record. So the NLM records are often not as up-to-date as the CONSER records.
    If you would like to know what your current MARC record priority is set to, please request this information using the Support Portal option near the top of this page.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 3-Dec-2018
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