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    360 Search: Administration Console -- Languages

    • Product: 360 Search

    How do I configure the Languages settings in the 360 Search Administration Console?

    This page is part of a larger set of documentation about using the Administration Console to configure your 360 Search.

    The Languages page in the 360 Search Administration Console allows you to configure the interface languages available to patrons when they use 360 Search.
    If your library is a member of a Consortium, and the Consortium has already shared their Language configuration to your library, this section will not be editable. You may want to work with your Consortium to have them remove their sharing so that you may make changes to your Languages configuration.
    Here is the initial Languages page:
    360 Search Administration Console - Languages
    When you are ready to start configuring your languages, click Edit in the upper-right corner of the page. After you make changes, click Save, or click Cancel to discard your changes.
    Changes to the language configuration will not be visible to your 360 Search patrons until the next day; to see how your changes will look without having to wait, click Preview.

    We have created patron interfaces for 360 Search in many different languages.
    In the Language Settings section, you can choose one or more languages that can be made available to your patrons.
    If you choose a language written right-to-left (such as Arabic), the patron interface will also display in right-to-left.
    The Default Language will be the first language your patrons see on the 360 Search interface, or -- if you don't allow them to change the interface language themselves (based on the next setting) -- it will be the only language your patrons see on the 360 Search interface.
    If you want the patron to be able to change the language interface at any time, check the box next to "User can change language." On the 360 Search page, the patron will see a dropdown menu from which they can choose a language:
    Admin Console -- Languages -- Patron Interface Dropdown Menu
    After you select one or more languages, you can change the patron-interface text for each language (for instance, if you don't like the default translations we provide), using the Custom Text configuration page. You can also add translated names and descriptions of subject categories and subcategories by changing Category Properties and Subcategory Properties.
    If you want patrons to be able to view 360 Search in a language that we don't currently provide, please contact us using the Contact Us tab near the top of this page.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 20-Feb-2014
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