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    360 Search: New Connection Request Process

    • Product: 360 Search

    What is the process for requesting new connections for 360 Search?

    We maintain a very large library of available database connections for 360 Search, but occasionally you may wish to request a connection to a database that we do not yet offer. We suggest that you check the available connections list to see if the database you would like to connect in 360 Search is currently available before submitting a request for a new connection. If you do not see it listed there, then please follow the steps below to request a new 360 Search connection.
    The fee for building new connections is US$2000 per individual connection, payable at the time the connection is successfully deployed. Please allow approximately 8 weeks from the time of your request. However, we cannot guarantee this timeframe for every connection, as we also rely on the responsiveness and assistance from the database provider. In our experience response times can vary from provider to provider.
    For new 360 Search clients, the Primary OPAC (or in absence of a primary OPAC, an Institutional Repository) will continue to be built free-of-charge.
    For more information about paying for a connection, please contact your Sales representative.
    If you have clicked on the Request This Connection button on a Database Details page (as shown below), a new web-browser page will open with the home page of the Support Center. However, that is not the intended behavior for that button, so close that new web-browser page and follow the Request a New Connection procedure below.
    Database Details - Request This Connection

    Request a New Connection

    1. Click the Support Portal option to submit a detailed case to us.
    2. Fill in as much information about the provider and the connection as you are able. Specifically, we want to know:
      • Provider Name
      • Provider's main URL
      • Provider contact name
      • Provider email
      • Provider phone (optional)
      • Database name
      • Database URL
      • Type of database (database, OPAC, or IR)
      • Authentication type (IP required, username/password required, or free)
      • Authentication you use (IP, username/password)
      • Whether to add as a link-only resource until connection is activated
    3. Add a Question Summary, and a brief statement about the request in the Question Detail field.
    4. When you're done, click Continue.
    Our staff will check the current configuration library to see if the connection already exists:
    • If the connection already exists, it will be activated for you
    • If not, the issue is escalated to the next step
    We will check the current development queue to see if the connection is already queued for development:
    • If the connection is already queued for development, you will be informed and asked to subscribe to this Answer in the Support Center, which will notify you when the connection is created.
    • If the connection is not in the queue for development, you will be notified that we will investigate the resource and possible connections method. If the target is suitable for a new connection, a sales representative will contact you and request that you complete new-connection order form.
    • You will not be billed the new-connection fee until the connection is successfully built and available to you.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 19-Feb-2014
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