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    360 Search: Set Up Gale Custom Collection Databases

    • Product: 360 Search

    How do I set up my Gale Custom Collection Databases in 360 Search?

    Gale offers several custom collections where the database code will vary by customer. For any of these databases (with a database id of SP## or SPJ.SP##), you will need to select the corresponding Custom Connection (dbid) for the dbid assigned to your subscription in 360 KB.
    For example, if you access the database Diversity Studies eCollection with the Direct URL* of[Your Location ID]?db=SPJ.SP05 in 360 KB, use the e-Catalog to search for the database Custom Connection (SP05):
    E-Catalog Search - Custom Connection (SP05)
    Click on the database name, and on the Database Details page, set Status to Subscribed and configure the Custom URL and Custom Database Name fields as shown here:
    Database Details -- Custom Connection (SP05)
    Please note that Custom Connections databases should only be set to Display In 360 Search and will not work in any other of the Serials Solutions products.
    Gale Custom Collections include, but are not limited to, the following:
    Criminal Justice eCollection
    Custom Journals
    Custom Newspapers
    Diversity Studies eCollection
    InfoTrac Business Economics & Theory Collection
    InfoTrac Communications & Mass Media
    InfoTrac Criminal Justice Collection
    InfoTrac Custom Journals
    InfoTrac Custom Newspapers
    InfoTrac Fine Arts & Music Collection
    InfoTrac Information Science & Library Issues Collection
    InfoTrac Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Collection
    InfoTrac Psychology Collection
    InfoTrac Religion and Philosophy
    InfoTrac Vocations, Careers & Technical Education Collection
    InfoTrac War & Terrorism Collection
    Military and Intelligence
    Pop Culture eCollection
    Professional Collection
    Religion & Philosophy eCollection
    Small Business eCollection
    War and Terrorism eCollection
    * To find your Direct URLs go to: and enter in your Location ID or please call Gale Technical Support at 800-877-4253, option 4.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 21-Feb-2014
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