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    Analytics Evidence CN5 - No NZ-Level File Sharing Area in Alma Analytics for Consortia

    Created By: Igelu-Eluna Analytics
    Created on: 3/19/2019

    status: open
    priority: medium
    subject area:  general

    Use Case: The following folders are available for Alma Analytics users:

    • My folders – A read / write personal folder accessible only to the logged in user
    • Alma – A read-only folder containing out-of-the-box reports produced by Ex Libris
    • Your Institution – A read / write folder for the institution to save and edit reports; accessible and visible only to the institution; has the name of the specific institution
    • Community – A read / write folder visible and accessible to save and copy reports for all institutions; includes reports and dashboards of all the institutions with Alma in the world; contains only queries (no data of other institutions is visible); described in this document

    It is possible for staff at an institution to securely and efficiently share Analytics reports between themselves in a shared space but there is no consortium support beyond the file sharing that occurs in the Community folder - between all Alma customers.

    Files in the community space cannot be deleted.  If deleted, files are restored overnight.

    As a result, folders in this area are extremely cluttered, which reduces operational efficiency.

    Additionally, files in the Community folder are accessible to all Alma customers. For consortia, a shared NZ reporting space with reports fully shareable but restricted to member institutions, is needed for a more efficient sharing of reports and to improve collaborative work.

    From the IGeLU-ELUNA Analytics Working Group, Analytics Evidence Document

    Please send questions or comments to the Analytics Working Group Listserv