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    Analytics Evidence CN3 - Analysis of Data Across Campuses Often Fails

    Created By: Igelu-Eluna Analytics
    Created on: 3/19/2019

    Analytic queries that try to analyze data across multiple campuses in a consortia often fail due to lack of resources or too many results.

    status: open
    priority: high
    subject area: usage data

    Use Case:

    A large consortium reported that they tried to analyze usage patterns for titles held at more than one campus.

    They were able to design the query and test it with filters that limited the data to test that the query worked.

    However, when they ran the query across all campuses, the query ran for 30 minutes and then failed with an error message.

    Perhaps this problem could be addressed by either more resources (CPU, RAM) or by smarter data modeling to pre-compute and cache a few of the values that would allow large consortia to identify the titles in question.

    From the IGeLU-ELUNA Analytics Working Group, Analytics Evidence Document

    Please send questions or comments to the Analytics Working Group Listserv