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    Converting metadata from Equella to Alma-Digital (a DC to MARC crosswalk)

    Created By: Amelia Rowe (RMIT University)
    Created on: 8/09/2018


    This process was used by RMIT University Library to migrate data from the Equella data repository into MARC XML for loading into Alma Digital.

    This process assumes data has been extracted from Equella in a csv format, and that the metadata is in the correct fields for migration into Alma. The metadata from Equella was in non-standard DC (Dublin Core).

    Programs need

    • Microsoft Excel
    • >MarcEdit


    Step 1: Data Mapping (converting csv data to xml)

    • Create a metadata xls file to use as the template for your data conversion
    • Open the csv data in Excel
    • Within Excel Map the data in the csv file to your xls template

    Information about converting a csv file to xml using excel is freely available online. See for example

    Step 2: Prepare a Tab Delimited File

    • Save the mapped csv file into a text format (tab delimited)

    Step 3: Convert text file to .mrk format

    • Open MarcEdit
    • Select Delimited Text Translator
    • Specify your source file
    • Give a name and select the output location then save
    • Tick the UTF-8 Encoded box
    • Click Next

    You can see the following

    • Select a field in select narrow down option
    • In “map to” give the tag field  for example 245$a
      • Use appropriate indicators
      • Use punctuation if needed for example (. After the title)
    • Click Add Argument
    • You can change the arguments as necessary
    • When done click Finish

    You should now have a .mrk file you can edit further, or if you are happy with the data convert to MARC XML 

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