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    Generic XML Normalization Rules and XPath Tips

    Created By: Joan Kolarik
    Created on: 2/08/2020

    We use Generic XML to transform a MODS Pure OAI feed for Primo VE.  This entry links to various examples, including logic and functions, that have worked in the Pure/MODS/Generic XML environment. 
    If you can suggest any improvements, it would be great to hear about them @

    The normalization rule is PURE_MODS_XML. I have not saved it in the Normalization Rules > Community section because I feel that the information is more accessible as individual entries in the CKC. (If anyone requests it there, I'll be happy to add it)

    Starts-With to Check for Text at Beginning of Field

    Using Copy All to Create 3 Creators


    Attribute Text as Condition

    Element without Attribute as Condition, copied to Local Discovery Field

    Concatenate to Build Source Field from Journal, Volume, Issue, Pages

    Substring to Extract Month from Date Field

    Use Contains Used in a Condition

    Useful information sources

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