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    Print loans receipts directly via browser extension

    Created By: Nazzareno Bedini
    Created on: 3/19/2019

    Alma Print Slip browser extension allows to print immediately and directly loans receipts bypassing the Alma's email based printing system.
    The extension adds a "Print Recept" button next to the "Done" one in the Alma's fulfillment patron services page when loans are displayed.
    When you on the button, the loan receipt as a popup window and a printer dialog window are displayed.

    The loan receipt contains institution logo and name, library and circulation desk names, patron name and ID, a date and signature line and all the loans data as displayed on screen:


    The extension is available for firefox and chrome in GitHub repository

    • Firefox: drag the alma_print_slip_0.9.9-fx_EN.xpi file into the browser window or add it in about:addons page.
    • Chrome: in chrome://extensions page activate the developer mode and then click on "load non packaged extensions" and select the locally saved directory of the Chrome Alma print slip extension.


    Click on the extension icon in the toolbar to open the configuration page.
    The text, appearance and behavior of the loan receipt are customizable:

    • choose if you want to display only or to display and print the receipt;
    • add a institution logo url (you can use for example the email logo from Alma's configuration branding management);
    • choose the date format in IETF BCP 47 localization standard code (ex.: en-US, it-IT...);
    • use css language to change the appearance and also to reorder the lines swapping the "order: n;" property, and/or to hide lines adding a "display: none;" property.

    Deleting all the data in the text boxes restores the default values.


    • After the installation you have to change and save the configuration or the button will be displayed as "undefined";
    • sometimes the loan receipt may display a row with "sorted/sortable" text or a duplicated header: in these cases click on "returns" tab and on the "loans" tab, and click again on the print receipt button.