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    List of Alma's External Resources


    Please see below, a list of External resources that can be used for Copy cataloging:

    Name Type ID Subscription
    Aberystwyth University Library Catalogue Z39 167941900000041 FREE
    Academia Sinica Library Z39 466867022500000041 FREE
    Advocates Library (Edinburgh) Z39 167953790000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Advocates Library (sirsidynix) Z39 449947452880000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Alachua County Library District Z39 167968690000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    ALMACALCN (z39_relay_calis_cn_cat) Z39 453925922020000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    ALMACALCNX Z39 167973190000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    ALMACALJP (z39_relay_calis_jp_cat) Z39 167974880000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    ALMACALUS (z39_relay_calis_we_cat) Z39 167974580000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    American Museum of Natural History Library Z39 167952090000041 FREE
    AMICUS Z39 167944390000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Antilope (Anet) Z39 167965490000041 FREE
    ArticleFirst (OCLC) Z39 167939030000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Auburn University Z39 167954990000041 FREE
    Australian National Bibliographic Database (Test) Z39 167943190000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Austrian Library Network Z39 167961590000041  
    Austrian Library Network and Service Ltd (OBVSG) SRU SRU 369752351660000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Bangor University library Z39 167970890000041 FREE
    BAnQ Z39 449830385490000041 FREE
    Bard College Z39 167963190000041 FREE
    Bates College Z39 167963490000041 FREE
    BDZ (BDS) Z39 167945590000041 FREE
    BDZ DVD/BLURAY Cataloguing Service (BDS) Z39 167947190000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    BDZ Music Data MARC21 Cataloguing Service (BDS) Z39 167947290000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    BGR - Bibliotheksverbund Graubünden Z39 167971390000041 FREE
    BGR - Bibliotheksverbund Graubünden (Alma SRU) SRU 356485290020000041 FREE
    Bibliography on Swiss History – BSG Z39 167950590000041 FREE
    Biblioteca del Senado (España) Z39 167964390000041 FREE
    Biblioteca Nacional de Chile Z39 167957990000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Biblioteca Nacional de España Z39 167941500000041 FREE
    Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno (Argentina) Z39 167954590000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Biblioteca Universidade da Coruña SRU 456555055520000041 FREE
    Biblioteca Universidade de Vigo SRU 456434902850000041 FREE
    Biblioteca Universidade Santiago Compostela SRU 456438545730000041 FREE
    Bibliotecas de la Universidad del Valle de México SRU 359347200040000041 FREE
    Biblioteca Universidad de Santiago de Chile SRU 461352851820000041 FREE Z39 167943690000041 FREE
    Bibliotheksverbund Bayern (BVB) Z39 167943790000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Bibliotheksverbund Bayern (BVB) - SRU SRU 427487789210000041 FREE
    Bibliotheksverbund Bayern (BVB) for Berlin libraries Z39 167950190000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg- Alma SRU SRU 464964042290000041 FREE
    Bibliothèque On-line du Réseau de l'Académie Louvain (BORéAL) Z39 167970590000041 FREE
    BIBSYS Z39 167956090000041 FREE
    BICOCCA Z39 167949090000041 FREE
    BN-OPALE PLUS (BNF) Z39 167941030000041 FREE
    Bond University Z39 167948090000041 FREE
    Book(Nat. Assembly Lib. of Korea) Z39 167973490000041 FREE
    Bridgewater State University z39 468506669830000041 FREE
    British Library Integrated Catalogue (MARC) Z39 167943890000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    British Library Legal Deposit Shared Database Z39 167956390000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    British National Bibliography (BNB) Z39 167945990000041 FREE
    CALIS (cn_cat) MARC21 Z39 453925832930000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    CALIS (cn_cat) UNIMARC Z39 454390171420000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    CALIS (jp_cat) MARC21 Z39 167974990000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    CALIS (jp_cat) UNIMARC Z39 454392394490000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    CALIS (ru_cat) MARC21 Z39 167974680000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    CALIS (ru_cat) UNIMARC Z39 454392403890000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    CALIS (we_cat ) Z39 167948390000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    CALIS (we_cat ) search test Z39 452628029600000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Cape Libraries Automated Materials Sharing z39 468507645480000041 FREE
    Cardiff Metropolitan University Z39 167951490000041 FREE
    Cardiff University and NHS Wales Libraries Z39 167958090000041 FREE
    CARM Centre (CAVAL) Z39 167942600000041 FREE
    Catágo de la Biblioteca de la Universidad de Jaén Z39 167965690000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP z39.50) Z39 167945490000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Catalogo Bibliografico Trentino [CBT] Z39 167947990000041 FREE
    Catálogo Biblioteca UGR Z39 167966690000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Catálogo Colectivo del Patrimonio Bibliográfico (CCPB) Z39 167955790000041 FREE
    Catálogo da Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal Z39 167954490000041 FREE
    Catálogo de la Biblioteca de la UCM Z39 167973390000041 FREE
    Catálogo de la Biblioteca de la Universidad de Almería Z39 167966190000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Catálogo de la Biblioteca de la Universidad de Burgos Z39 167965590000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Catálogo de la Biblioteca de la Universidad de Huelva Z39 167966590000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Catálogo de la Biblioteca de la Universidad de León Z39 167966090000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Catálogo de la Biblioteca de la Universidad de Salamanca Z39 167961790000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Catálogo de la Universidad de Alcalá Z39 167964190000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Catalogo Italiano dei Periodici ACNP Z39 167972890000041 FREE
    Catalogue Collectif Suisse des Affiches CCSA Z39 167950290000041 FREE
    Catalogue Collectif Suisse des Affiches CCSA (Alma) SRU 378804635920000041 FREE
    Catalogue SUDOC (UNIMARC) Z39 167941230000041 FREE
    Catalogue SUDOC PRO Z39 167973290000041 FREE
    CCKB SRU 219463884630000041 FREE
    CCKB MARC21 SRU 238166733020000041 FREE
    CCKB NLC SRU 238167451500000041 FREE
    CCUC - University Union Catalogue of Catalonia (Alma) SRU 346350029210000041 FREE
    Central and Western Massachusetts Resource Sharing (CWMARS) z39 468507696840000041 FREE
    City University of Hong Kong Z39 167952490000041 FREE
    City University of Macau Library (Alma) SRU 415207305500000041 FREE
    CITYU Z39 167949890000041 FREE
    Clark Art Institute Z39 167953290000041 FREE
    CLICNET Catalog Z39 167970390000041 FREE
    CLR (Center for Research Libraries) Z39 167964890000041 FREE
    Colby College Z39 167963990000041 FREE
    Collège de Maisonneuve  Z39 449800798740000041 FREE
    Collège de Rosemont Z39 449800887270000041 FREE
    Consortium of MnPALS Libraries Z39 167953890000041 FREE
    Commonwealth Catalog
    Z39 473524047710000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Commonwealth Catalog (test server) Z39 473524174890000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Copyright Agency Z39 167948290000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Cornell University Library Z39 167952290000041 FREE
    CPK - Anglicky mluvící země / English speaking countries Z39 167967890000041 FREE
    CPK - Německy mluvící země / German speaking countries Z39 167967990000041 FREE
    CPK - Slovensky mluvící země / Slovak speaking countries Z39 167968290000041 FREE
    CPK - Souborný katalog ČR / Union Catalogue of the Czech   Republic  Z39 167970190000041 FREE
    CPK - Výběr českých univerzitních knihoven / Selected Czech   university libraries Z39 167967690000041 FREE
    CPK - Výběr ze zahraničních knihoven / Selected foreign   libraries Z39 167967590000041 FREE
    CPK - Výběr ze zahraničních knihoven / Selected foreign   libraries  Z39 167968390000041 FREE
    CSIC (Alma) Z39 167957790000041 FREE
    CSIRO SRU 209337918830000041 FREE
    CUHKINNO Z39 167949790000041 FREE
    Curtin University Library Z39 167947390000041 FREE
    Dalhousie University Z39 167968590000041 FREE
    DanBib Z39 167955990000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    DanBib (Zgateway KB) Z39 167961890000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    DanBib (Zgateway) Z39 167967290000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    DIBA (Diputació de Barcelona) Z39 167963890000041 FREE
    DNB SRU New SRU 170681037800000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    DPOT SRU 394791129420000041 FREE
    E-Book-Pool BSZ|GBV Z39 167960190000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    EC Library - Find-eR SRU 329787124040000041 FREE
    Edinburgh University Library Z39 167945790000041 FREE
    EUL01 – Eötvös Loránd University Library Z39 455139386550000041 FREE
    European Court of Auditors - Library SRU 249209709130000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    European Parliament SRU 449736948740000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    FAMA Z39 167961390000041 FREE
    Federal Science Library Catalogue (FSL) Z39 167961190000041 FREE
    FENNICA - The National Bibliography of Finland Z39 167955890000041 FREE
    Fondren Library - Rice University SRU 447928242150000041 FREE
    Gabriel Dumont Institute Library Z39 167951290000041 FREE
    GBV, Common Library Network of the German States (Germany) Z39 456911018560000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Generalitat Valenciana (Generalidad Valenciana) Z39 167967390000041 FREE
    Global Books in Print (Bowker) Z39 167940330000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Griffith University Library Z39 167948690000041 FREE
    GVK (Gemeinsamer Verbundkatalog) Z39 167947690000041 FREE
    Harvard University Library (Alma) Z39 167952690000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    HBZ01 Z39 167962790000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    HBZ02 Z39 167960290000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Hebrew University Z39 167955090000041 FREE
    Hellenic Academic Libraries Z39 167972990000041 FREE
    Helveticat – Swiss national library Z39 167950490000041 FREE
    Heritage of the Printed Book (HPB) Z39 167969890000041 FREE
    Hessische Bibliothekssystem (HeBIS) Z39 167942200000041 FREE
    Higher Education Libraries of Massachusetts (HELM) z39 468509041300000041 FREE
    Hofstra University Z39 167964690000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Hong Kong Polytechnic University Catalogue Z39 167971790000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou)   Library Catalog SRU 450896729270000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Library Catalog Z39 167970790000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    IMF/World Bank Z39 167948490000041 FREE
    Israel Digital Information Service Center Z39 167952990000041 FREE
    James Bennett Online Z39 167941700000041 FREE
    Jisc Library Hub Cataloguing Z39 167957190000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Jisc Library Hub Cataloguing (Beta) Z39 167964490000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Johns Hopkins University Z39 167965090000041 FREE
    JULAC Network Z39 167954790000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    K10plus Z39 167958490000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    K10plus (ohne Login) Z39 167962190000041 FREE
    Katalog des Bibliotheksverbunds IDS Basel Bern Z39 167942300000041 FREE
    KERIS (Korea Education and Research Information Service) Z39 167946090000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    KERIS (KORMARC) Z39 167947890000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    KERIS (MARC21) Z39 457454704780000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Lakehead University Z39 167958690000041 FREE
    Laval University library Z39 167943390000041 FREE
    LIBIS network Z39 167947790000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Libraries Australia Z39 167940830000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Libraries Australia Modified Z39 167943090000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Library and Archives Canada Z39 167953390000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Library and Research Council EUREKA Z39 167956190000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Library of Congress (United States Library of Congress (LOC)) Z39 167939830000041 FREE
    LIBRIS Z39 167939930000041 FREE
    LIBRIS (SHA) Z39 167970090000041 FREE
    LNCLIB Z39 167949690000041 FREE
    London School of Economics Z39 167939230000041 FREE
    Macau University of Science and Technology  SRU 271920027770000041 FREE
    Macquarie University Library Z39 167939330000041 FREE
    MassCat (Massachusetts Library System) z39 468511737360000041 FREE
    McMaster Z39 167967790000041 FREE
    MeLCat - Michigan electronic Library Z39 167967190000041 FREE
    Melinda Z39 167951790000041 FREE
    Melinda (fin01alma test) Z39 167962690000041  
    Melinda (fin01alma) Z39 167962490000041  
    Melinda (Koha) Z39 167962090000041  
    Metro Boston Library Network (MBLN) z39 468516233020000041 FREE
    Merrimack Valley Library Consortium (MVLC) z39 468512993660000041 FREE
    Middlebury College Z39 167962890000041  
    MIT Z39 167960790000041 FREE
    MnPALS Z39 167970490000041 FREE
    MOKKA - Hungarian common catalogue Z39 455139843330000041 FREE
    Monash University Library Catalogue Z39 167944490000041 FREE
    Monash University of Malaysia Z39 167946390000041 FREE
    Monash University South Africa Z39 167946590000041 FREE
    MTA - Hungarian Academy of Sciences Library Z39 455139879420000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Museum of Modern Art Library - Arcade - nyarc Z39 167970990000041 FREE
    Museum of Modern Art Library - Arcade (Alma) SRU 453913509830000041 FREE
    NACSIS (Katakana) – SRU test server/NACSIS (仮名) – SRUテスト用 SRU 454746060600000041 FREE
    NACSIS-CAT (kana) Z39 167964790000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    NACSIS-CAT (romji) Z39 167963690000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    National Agricultural Library Z39 167946490000041 FREE
    National Bibliographic Center of Taiwan Z39 167958990000041 FREE
    National Library of Australia Z39 167939530000041 FREE
    National Library of China Z3950(UNIMARC) Z39 167950390000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    National Library of China Z3950(USMARC) Z39 167950090000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    National Library of Ireland Z39 167963790000041 FREE
    National library of Israel Z39 167970290000041 FREE
    National Library of Korea (National Shared Cataloging) Z39 167972090000041 FREE
    National Library of Malaysia Z39 167946690000041 FREE
    National Library of New Zealand Z39 167941800000041 FREE
    National Library of Norway Repository Library - Depot Library Z39 167968790000041 FREE
    National Library of Poland SRU 456472909140000041 FREE
    National Library of Scotland Z39 167958890000041 FREE
    National Library of Scotland Z39 167940530000041 FREE
    National Library of Vietnam Z39 167959590000041 FREE
    National Library of Wales Z39 167940630000041 FREE
    National Taiwan University (NTU Alma SRU) SRU 458141905280000041 FREE
    National Taiwan University Library Z39 167953190000041 FREE
    National Taiwan University Main Library Z39 167970690000041 FREE
    National University of Ireland, Galway SRU 269887936830000041 FREE
    National University of Singapore Library Z39 167946890000041 FREE
    NEN01_Z39 Z39 167969590000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    NEN03_Z39 Z39 167969690000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Netzwerk von Bibliotheken und Informationsstellen in der Schweiz   (NEBIS) Z39 167942000000041 FREE
    New York Art Resources Consortium SRU 409922430480000041 FREE
    New York State Library Z39 167959790000041 FREE
    New York University Libraries Z39 167969490000041 FREE
    NLH - Hungarian National Library Z39 450901234570000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    NLM (Alma) SRU 361398611780000041 FREE
    NLM LocatorPlus (z39 gateway - OPAC) Z39 167942700000041 FREE
    NOBLE (North of Boston Library Exchange) z39 468520241950000041 FREE
    Northeast Normal University Alma Z39 167969290000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Z39 167953990000041 FREE
    Northwestern University Z39 167958790000041 FREE
    Nottingham UK Alma Z39 167958590000041 FREE
    NUKAT Z39 167946290000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    OCAD Z39 167968090000041 FREE
    OCLC WorldCat (through Libraries Australia) Z39 167942400000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    ODIN Polaris Z39 167963390000041 FREE
    Ohio Link Z39 167947090000041 FREE
    OhioLINK Z39 167957390000041 FREE
    Okanagan College Library Catalogue (BKOC) Z39 167954190000041 FREE
    Old Colony Library Network z39 468524925350000041 FREE
    Omnis Library Network Poland SRU 456472937580000041 FREE
    Online Catalogue ESTER Z39 456573302920000041 FREE
    Online Dakota Information Network (ODIN) Z39 167944890000041 FREE
    Ontario Colleges Library Service (OCLS) Z39 167954390000041 FREE
    Open Vlacc (Vlaamse Centrale Catalogus) Z39 167945390000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Oxford University (Oxford University) Z39 167939730000041 FREE
    POLYUINNO Z39 167949590000041 FREE
    Pontificia Università della Santa Croce Z39 457181712920000041 FREE
    Porbase Z39 167941130000041 FREE
    Pratt Institute – Brooklyn NY Z39 167967090000041 FREE
    Princeton Theological Seminary Z39 167961990000041  
    Princeton University :Library migrated please use Princeton University Library (Alma) resource Z39 167951390000041 FREE
    Princeton University (UTF8 Unicode): Library migrated please use Princeton University Library (Alma) resource Z39 167958190000041 FREE
    Princeton University Library (Alma) SRU 454517214030000041 FREE
    ProQuest OASIS Z39 449716503510000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Prospector (Colorado Unified Catalogue) Z39 167960690000041 FREE
    Purdue University Catalogue Z39 167945690000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Queen’s University (Ont.) library Z39 167954290000041 FREE
    Queen's University (Ont.) library (Alma) SRU 434241400630000041 FREE
    Queensland University of Technology Z39 167948790000041 FREE
    Rebiun Z39 167941600000041 FREE
    Renouvaud Z39 167971590000041 FREE
    Réseau des bibliothèques Alexandria Z39 167949990000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Reseau des bibliotheques de Suisse occidentale - RERO (SRU) SRU 379155855660000041 FREE
    Réseau des bibliothèques de Suisse occidentale (RERO) Z39 167942100000041 FREE
    RLUK research libraries UK Z39 167944590000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    RMIT  SRU 296944257380000041 FREE
    Ryerson Z39 167968190000041 FREE
    SAILS Library Network (Southeastern Massachusetts) z39 468525016300000041 FREE
    Saskatchewan Legislative Library Z39 167950990000041 FREE
    SBN On-Line Z39 167940030000041 FREE
    SBT - Sistema bibliotecario ticinese - canton and universities Z39 167957290000041 FREE
    Scuola Normale Superiore Z39 167949390000041 FREE
    Scuola Normale Superiore UNIMARC Z39 167951590000041 FREE
    SGBN - St. Galler Bibliotheksnetz Z39 167971690000041 FREE
    SKC -Union Catalogue of the Czech Republic (UNIMARC) Z39 167957890000041 FREE
    Smithsonian Libraries Z39 167952890000041 FREE
    South Dakota Library Network (SDLN) Z39 167944990000041 FREE
    State Library of Queensland Z39 167956690000041 FREE
    State Library of Victoria Z39 167944290000041 FREE
    STCV - De bibliografie van het handgedrukte boek Z39 167966890000041 FREE
    SUDOC (Brief Records USMARC) Z39 167945290000041 FREE
    SUDOC PRO Full UNIMARC (Beta) Z39 167966790000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    SUDOC PRO Full Usmarc (Beta) Z39 167963090000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Suffolk University Sawyer Library z39 468525069380000041 FREE
    SUNCAT (MARC) Z39 167944690000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    SWB Katalog (Südwestdeutscher Bibliotheksverbund) Z39 167945890000041 FREE
    Swinburne Library - Swinburne University of Technology Z39 167944790000041 FREE
    Swiss Library Service Platform (SLSP) SRU 289717642100000041 FREE
    Swiss National Library (NB) Z39 167942900000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    SWITCH Library Consortium (Alverno College/MIAD) SRU 473541208060000041 FREE
    Synergy of Metadata Resources in Taiwan (SMRT) Z39 167962290000041 FREE
    Te Puna Search Z39 167943290000041 FREE
    Te Puna Search (Libraries Australia) Z39 167945090000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Technion Israel Institute of Technology (Alma) Z39 167971090000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Tel Aviv University Z39 167955290000041 FREE
    Tel Hai Regional College Z39 167959090000041 FREE
    Temasek Polytechnic (Z3950) Z39 167956490000041 FREE
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong Z39 167958390000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    The English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC) Z39 167949190000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    The Getty Research Institute (Alma) Z39 167952790000041 FREE
    The Indiana University Catalog (IUCAT) Z39 167953590000041 FREE
    The Legislative Assembly of Ontario Z39 167959390000041 FREE
    The Metropolitan Museum of Art Library Z39 167953090000041 FREE
    The National and Copenhagen University Library Z39 167939630000041 FREE
    The New York Botanical Garden Z39 167952390000041 FREE
    The Open University UK Z39 167951890000041 FREE
    The University of Chicago Library Z39 167957590000041 FREE
    Toronto Public Library Z39 167962590000041 FREE
    Trinity College Dublin Z39 167971990000041 FREE
    UCLA (Alma) SRU 449479800960000041 FREE
    ULS (Israel Union List of Serials) Z39 167941420000041 FREE
    UNILINC Network Zone Z39 167946190000041 FREE
    Union List of Israel –    individual libraries records (ULI02) via SRU (test) SRU 432132910520000041 FREE
    Union List of Israel – deduped/merged records (ULI03) via z39.50 Z39 167957490000041 FREE
    Union List of Israel – individual libraries records (ULI02) via   z39.50 Z39 167940730000041 FREE
    United Lutheran Seminary Z39 167961690000041 FREE
    Universidad Alberto Hurtado SRU 464768145640000041 FREE
    Universidad Autonoma Madrid Z39 167953690000041 FREE
    Universidad Católica de Chile Z39 167957090000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Universidad de Chile (Alma) Z39 167956590000041 FREE
    Universidad de Deusto Z39 167956790000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia Z39 167959490000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Alma) SRU 249207968060000041 FREE
    Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Z39 167958290000041 FREE
    Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid Z39 167961090000041 FREE
    Universidad Tecnológica de México SRU 359348077450000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Università degli Studi di Bergamo Z39 167972190000041 FREE
    Università di Bergamo (Alma) Z39 167957690000041 FREE
    Università di Camerino Z39 167972390000041 FREE
    Università di Camerino (Alma) Z39 167960090000041 FREE
    Università di Firenze Z39 167964290000041 FREE
    Università di Genova (Alma) Z39 167954090000041 FREE
    Università di Padova Z39 167972690000041 FREE
    Università di Padova (Alma SRU) SRU 456085717340000041 FREE
    Università di Pisa Z39 167947490000041 FREE
    Università di Pisa (Alma) SRU 305547528820000041 FREE
    Universita di Roma Tre Z39 167956290000041 FREE
    Università di Sassari Z39 167972490000041 FREE
    Università di Sassari (Alma SRU) SRU 456131419600000041 FREE
    Università di Siena Z39 167947590000041 FREE
    Università di Udine Z39 167949290000041 FREE
    Università di Verona Z39 167972590000041 FREE
    Universitat de València (Alma) SRU 271303122400000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Universitat Politècnica de València SRU 458209020160000041 FREE
    Universitat St Gallen (Alma) SRU 456912318120000041 FREE
    Université de Moncton Z39 449844278480000041 FREE
    Université libre de Bruxelles SRU 276848033130000041 FREE
    Universiteit Gent Z39 167945190000041 FREE
    University College Cork Library Catalogue Z39 167961490000041 FREE
    University College Dublin Z39 167959690000041  
    University Library of Bozen/Bolzano Z39 167951990000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    University of Aberdeen Z39 167955690000041 FREE
    University of Aberdeen (Alma) Z39 167962390000041 FREE
    University of Alberta Z39 167948590000041  
    University of British Columbia Z39 167956990000041 FREE
    University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) Z39 167955390000041 FREE
    University of Canberra Z39 167948190000041 FREE
    University of Crete Z39 167969990000041 FREE
    University of Edinburgh (Alma) SRU 418103664220000041 FREE
    University of Exeter Z39 167960590000041 FREE
    University of Glasgow Z39 167963290000041 FREE
    University of Haifa SRU 457023062890000041 FREE
    University of Houston Z39 167950690000041 FREE
    University of Limerick SRU 269887955170000041 FREE
    University of Macau SRU 265723374150000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    University of Macau Library Z39 167960890000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    University of Macau Library (Alma) SRU 426921122420000041 FREE
    University of Malaya Library Z39 167946790000041 FREE
    University of Melbourne Library Z39 167943000000041 FREE
    University of Minnesota Z39 167950790000041 FREE
    University of Notre Dame Z39 167965890000041  
    University of Nottingham Ningbo China Library SRU 237959876700000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    University of Ottawa Library Z39 167942800000041 FREE
    University of Oxford (ADVANCE) Z39 167952590000041 FREE
    University of Pennsylvania Libraries Z39 167965990000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    University of Pittsburgh (Alma) SRU 455990402580000041 FREE
    University of Pittsburgh (Pa.) Z39 167955490000041 FREE
    University of Queensland (SRU) SRU 449485784370000041 FREE
    University of Regina Library (Alma) Z39 167971290000041 FREE
    University of Rochester Z39 167955190000041 FREE
    University of São Paulo Z39 167962990000041 FREE
    University of South Wales Z39 167951690000041 FREE
    University of Sydney Z39 167940130000041 FREE
    University of Sydney (SRU) SRU 320520276560000041 FREE
    University of the Arts London - Library Catalogue Z39 167942500000041 FREE
    University of Toronto Z39 167950890000041 FREE
    University of Toronto (Alma) SRU 328012874730000041 FREE
    University of Victoria (B.C.) Z39 167954690000041 FREE
    University of Wales Trinity Saint David Z39 167956890000041 FREE
    University of Windsor Z39 167954890000041 FREE
    University of Wisconsin - Madison Z39 167951090000041 FREE
    University Union Catalogue of Catalonia (CCUC) Z39 167971890000041 FREE
    UNSW (z3950) Z39 167973090000041 FREE
    USTLIB Z39 167949490000041 FREE
    Victoria University (Melbourne) Z39 167969090000041  
    Voilà Z39 167969790000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Wageningen Catalogue (former AGRALIN) Z39 167939430000041 FREE
    Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC) Z39 167952190000041 FREE
    Weizmann Institute Z39 167955590000041 FREE
    Wellesley College Z39 167969190000041 FREE
    WorldCat (fsz3950) Z39 167966990000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    WorldCat (OCLC) Z39 167939130000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Yale University Library Z39 167946990000041 FREE
    ZDB SRU SRU 170681164780000041 SUBSCRIPTION
    Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB) Z39 167941330000041 FREE
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