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New Unified PO Line Task List


User Interface Improvements Overview

Ex Libris is undertaking a usability improvement initiative to facilitate an enhanced user experience across Alma navigation in general and specifically in the PO line management area. This initiative is a result of cooperation with Alma working groups and a response to the wider community feedback.  

For more information, see New Layout 2022;  Usability Improvements.

For a recorded session regarding the new functionality, watch New Unified PO Line Task List - Future Workflows and User Experience Improvements.

Enabling the New Unified PO Line Task List User Interface

The new Unified PO Line Task List User Interface is being gradually rolled out to production. See here for more information regarding the detailed roll-out plan of the interface. Once your institution activates the option for users to enable/disable the new layout (see Feature Rollout Configuration), a new Feature Rollout Configuration menu link is is added to the User menu. 

To enable the new Unified PO Line Task List:
  1. In the User menu (clipboard_ede1b6cd641d7a1108d6d97fd3244d966.png), select Feature Rollout Configuration. The Feature Rollout Configuration page opens.
  2. Select the switch beside New Unified PO Line Task List Category Acquisition. The new interface is activated, the Feature Rollout Configuration page closes, and the Alma Home page opens. (For additional information about the Feature Rollout Configuration page, see Opting In or Out of a New Feature.
Enabling new PO line layoutEnabling new PO line layout

To revert back to the previous PO-line presentation, repeat the steps above to turn the switch off.

New Unified PO Line Task List User Interface - General

A new All PO Lines menu link enables users to view all PO lines in all their types and workflow steps (statuses). All existing PO line menu links (Review, Review Deferred, Renew, Package) navigate the user to the new unified task list with the relevant facets pre-selected (this is also applied when entering the PO line list from the "Task List" icon clipboard_e27f7198009b79645379e18d2da082224.png).


All PO Lines menu link

Below is a screenshot emphasizing the main elements within the new user interface, under the screenshot you can find explanation about each element



  1. Task list as facets - The presentation of the various assignment options as facets (Unassigned, Assigned to me, Assigned to others) enables the user to search for PO lines and immediately work on them (without the extra step of "Go to task list"). PO line search results are presented on a single page, holding all the various PO line workflow steps (statuses) and tasks. New facet options for assignments enable the Acquisitions staff to limit the search results as needed.

The new unified PO line task list does not automatically assign PO lines to users who are viewing/editing the PO lines. If there is a need to assign a PO line to a specific user, this can be achieved using the Assign to functionality (which exists as an action for each relevant PO line) or as a top action above the PO line search results (this allows users to us the assignment option in bulk).

  1. Multi-select facets - The ability to select multiple facets in a single operation (and select Apply) enables the Acquisitions staff to focus on the PO line/s with simplicity and efficiency. Selecting a specific facet filters the list immediately according to the user's selection. 
  2. Full page refresh clipboard_eb4e31db60b3b60e521ee670611d64055.pngThis clickable icon allows the user to refresh the entire page (facet+search results), whenever the icon appears with a green dot, there may be a need to refresh the page in order to make sure all the facets and search results are updated. For example, in case the page is faceted by PO lines in workflow step (status) "In-Review" and the user selected to push a certain PO line in the workflow ("Save and Continue"), the PO line will change from "In-Review" to "Auto-Packaging" and will remain on the screen (even though the page is faceted by PO lines "In-Review"), to reflect the user that the presentation of the search results on the screen needs to be refreshed, a green dot will appear next to the "Full page refresh" icon.

  3. "Select all" checkbox - This checkbox can be used to select all the records on the page and apply bulk action using the Top list actions (see more information below). Users are able to use the pagination and select records from multiple pages. Note that the more records you select the longer the bulk operation will take.

  4. Top list actions - The actions presented on top of the search results list clipboard_e1e23e106a9a7e1b1da224d3e172a58f8.png are sensitive to the selection of the user. Once single/multiple PO lines are selected, all top list actions are enabled.

    The top list actions are:

    If a user chooses to run an operation on a PO line that does not support this (for example, Create New PO for a PO line whose workflow step is not Manual Packaging) the operation skips this PO line and an appropriate message appears:

    UI message that indicates PO lines were note added because they are not in manual packaging status

    UI message indicating PO lines not added because they are not in manual packaging status
    • Create new PO - This action enables packaging multiple PO lines whose workflow step is Manual-Packaging into a PO. In case a selection was made for PO lines which are not in the workflow step described above, the operation will not apply for these PO lines.
    • Change Expected Date - This action enables modifying multiple PO lines whose workflow step is In Claim and setting their expected receipt date. In case a selection was made for PO lines which are not in the workflow step described above, the operation will not apply for these PO lines. 
    • Manage Labels - This operation enables the user to add/remove labels from multiple PO lines at once.
    • Assign Selected - This operation enables users to Assign to themselves/ Release Assignment /Assign to from multiple PO lines at once. This operation is sensitive to user roles, some of the operations may not appear for users without the proper role.
  5. Export - The export operation will export to Excel all the information regarding the PO lines presented in the search results

  6. Record and Section customization clipboard_ed662a0d730397344b6661ba42decc45c.png - This clickable icon allows users to manage their preferences for 2 elements on the screen:

    1. Record customization -  Allows users to determine which information will be presented/hidden while reviewing the search results.

    2. Details sections customization - Allows users to select the orders of the sections which are presented in the right panel of the Split view (read more below).

  7. Personalized presentation toggle button clipboard_ed9d3cbb0217ca2a5b6df6a70d581769d.png - The presentation toggle button is located on the top-right corner of the page and is set to enable users to determine the way the PO line is presented on the screen. This enables users to work in the best way that suits their needs. There are three presentation options:
    1. List Viewclipboard_e775063d570b1d3ccd7b2b6daa5fd32b1.png  - this presents the full list of PO lines in a single panel (see Record View).
    2.  Split view clipboard_eeeb5de0f29580a5912809802f01ebac9.png- this presents the full list of PO lines on one side and more information about the selected PO line on the other side (see Split View). Split view presentation can also be triggered by simply selecting one of the PO lines presented in the full list. Users can determine the width of the left / right panel by selecting one of the three pre-set options or by selecting and dragging the vertical separator ruler to the right or to the left (vertical ruler separates between the left and right panels).
    3. Full Page view clipboard_eff85ce5d4436209a46a032536fa9d684.png - the presentation in this selection presents a specific PO line in full view (see Full View).
  8. Save Query - This operation allows you to save the search results to a logical set which can be used to run Manual Jobs. Note that the Save Query button will not be pressnted when accessing the All PO line menu link, it will appear once a facet was applier or after a Order Line search.

  9. Search results, clear information hierarchy


 A clear and prominent information hierarchy of the PO line search results enables Acquisitions staff users reviewing the PO line's search result list to find what they need faster and with less navigation needs. Here are the main modifications:

  • Separation between the PO line's identifier and workflow step (status).
  • Permanent location for the PO line's type and workflow step (status).
  • Fixed location for the PO line's price (on top of the main record action). Fund and vendor (first column) information is set to grant staff users a quick overview on mandatory information.
  • Addition of icons for Alerts clipboard_ed60854c87041531077681f0509d9b3cb.png, Receiving note clipboard_e3adc481d59fcad96d27767cf0c5cd328.png, Activation note clipboard_e351029612b37491ee9a66c1c7fc3f652.png , Rush clipboard_e7594b3ab02936b7bc5b04a5edb81a393.png and labels clipboard_ef06a0291684d537566d24d03f02d1a45.png (see more information about labels below), improves the user's ability to quickly focus on the needed information within the PO line record. These icons present the users with additional information upon hovering with the mouse and navigates the users to the relevant view/edit section upon selecting.
  • As the new PO line list supports assignment functionality for all types of PO lines (excluding PO lines in Closed and Cancelled workflow steps), a clear indication on the PO line record enables users to quickly understand the PO line assignment status:
    • Assigned to Me PO lines have a dark grey badge indicating that the PO line is assigned to them: clipboard_e6278ca14d439e7dc10731317ce7ff8aa.png
    • Assigned to Others PO lines have a white badge indicating that the PO line is assigned to another person:clipboard_ed06816b1f488534f6c7cadcbc8fa9e3f.png
    • Unassigned PO lines have no indication badge
    Continue Workflow action - The Continue Workflow action is available only for PO lines that are in workflow step (status) In-Review and is the equivalent to the Save and Continue action which exists in the previous PO line user interface. When selecting this action, Alma attempts to progress the PO line to the next step of the workflow (Manual/Auto packaging) providing that all the mandatory fields are populated. The Order now action is also available and progresses the PO line in the workflow as well.

New Unified PO Line Task List User Interface - Split View (Side By Side View) 

To improve the usability of the unified PO line task list, a "side-by-side" view presentation enables users to view a list of PO lines on one side and detailed information regarding the selected PO line on the other side. The right panel holds relevant information regarding the PO line, for users with relevant roles. This information is editable from the panel itself, preventing users from needing to navigate to a specific PO line editing screen. The general elements which characterize the side-by-side view are numbered in the screenshot below. See explanations under this screenshot:

Screen indicating PO lines in Side by side - Split View

Side by side - Split View
  1. Compact left side record view - this view presents users with key information regarding the PO lines they would like to work on. Clicking on a specific PO line from the left panel selects it and presents detailed information regarding the PO line on the right panel.
  2. Right side panel - this panel presents detailed information regarding the selected PO line. There are two ways to apply changes on a PO line from the right panel:

Option 1 - Edit PO line using the "View" / "Edit" mode sections: These sections have a default "View" mode presentation, this default presentation holds only section fields that contain an actual value. Only selected informative fields with no value appear in "View" mode. All other section fields appear once the user clicks anywhere on the section. This opens the section for editing. For example, see the PO Line information and Vendor Information sections.

Example for View / Edit mode - "PO Line Information" section

Example for View / Edit mode - "PO Line Information" section

For users who only have view mode privileges OR in cases in which the PO line is assigned to another user, the PO line view box has an Orange highlight and is only opened for viewing and not editing.

Option 2 - Edit PO line using "Auto Save" sections: The fields in these sections are saved immediately as soon as the user makes any modifications, any information changes on a PO line conducted from these types of sections are saved immediately and automatically. For example, see the Receiving Information and Reporting Codes sections.

Example for Auto Save - "Receiving Information" section

Example for Auto Save - "Receiving Information" section
  1. "Sections" action - this action holds a list of all the available sections for the selected PO line, the purpose of this action is to enable users quick navigation between the various sections. This navigation can also be done manually by using the mouse scroll button.
  2. Left/right panel actions - for users with editing privileges, the left/right panel actions enable the user to view additional PO line information and perform functional actions on a PO line.
    1. Example for "Functional" actions: Assign To, Change Bib Reference, Bib Description, Cancel and Relink.
    2. Example for "Informative" actions (red square below) which open a sliding panel: Invoice Lines, Associated PO Lines, Communications, History, and Attachments.

      Example for Functional / Informative actions - PO line "Print Book - One Time" in workflow step (status) "sent"

      Example for Functional / Informative actions - PO line "Print Book - One Time" in workflow step (status) "sent"
  1. Navigation arrows - these arrows enable users to navigate to the next/previous PO line presented within the left panel.
  2. "X" icon - this function closes the right panel and returns the user to the "List-view" presentation.
  3. "Refresh" indication - this indication/action is set to notify the user that there were elements (PO lines) on the list which were modified and there is a need to refresh the list. While there is no mandatory need to refresh the list, in some cases refreshing the list will cause PO lines to disappear from it. This may occur for example if the Assigned to Me facet was selected and the user selected the Release assignment action. In this case, the PO line still remains in the list in order to prevent the user from losing the orientation. If the user would like the list to present only PO lines that are Assigned to Me, the user needs to select the "Refresh" icon.

New Unified PO Line Task List User Interface - Full Page View

The "Full page view" has a similar presentation as the right panel in the "Split View" mode and is set to enable users to spread the right panel over the entire screen to allow maximum width presentation and editing of a single PO line. The full-view has two main differences from the split-view:

  1. Toggle button - Select the "full-view" toggle button to enable full-view. As every change is saved upon editing, there is no need to save the entire page. Once the user edits the desired information, selecting the Split view/List view toggle button navigates the user back to the full list of PO lines.
  2. Left navigation pane - This area assists users in navigating between the various PO line sections. By selecting the desired section name, the screen automatically scrolls to the exact position of the section on the screen.

Screen displaying Full View

Full View

New Unified PO Line Task List User Interface - "Slide-Out" panel

The slide out panel enables users to access entities that relate to the PO line while keeping the PO line in the background at all times. For example, users who work on a PO line and would like to view/modify the information of the item associated with the PO line can click on the ellipsis (...) action located at the "Ordered Items section" and from there navigate to a sliding panel that holds the item's information. To close the panel, users can either save the item or click on the "X" icon. The sliding panel is used for displaying multiple entities while working on a PO line. clipboard_e7be09e0e2f484d5cd7ddfcba68fc4af2.pngSliding panel presenting the "Item Editor" while keeping the PO line in the background

Known Issues

The list below presents list of issues which are known and are set to be handled in the near future

Issue Description Impact / Workaround Inner ID for reference/Comments 

Edit PO Line

It is not possible to remove value from the following fields: Associated PO lines, Material supplier, Access Provider, Vendor reference number type, License, Access Model.


URM-178735 - Resolved in January Release 2023


Edit PO Line

When updating "Bib Description" an "Oops" error is retrieved.


The Right Panel - Pricing and Funding Section

When Alma UI is defined as German, Pricing and Funding sections' fields will not accept a comma "," as the decimal point.


URM-179254 - Resolved in January Release 2023


The Right Panel - Activation Information Section

Error is displayed when viewing a negotiation license in PO lines that were created from Network Zone portfolios.


URM-179092 - Resolved in February Release 2023


The Right Panel - Renewal Information Section

When trying to save a "Subscription from date" date with a future date, the message: "Subscription from date" cannot be a future date appears, preventing to save the renewal information form.


URM-181422 - Resolved in January Release 2023


The Right Panel - Interested Users Section

A search by surname does not retrieve a result


URM-183348 - Resolved in February Release 2023


Actions - Renew at Vendor System

Renew at Vendor System is not yet available in the new unified PO line list.

In order to use thi action users will need to opt out of the new PO line list.


Actions - Bib Description

The "Bib Description" link is missing for some PO lines.




Simple Search

When clicking on an order number next to the cart icon in Alma repository search, a PO line list is opened with the previous search term in the search bar. The expected term is the MMS ID of the title.




Advanced Search - Logical sets

For Logical sets (Save Query) which were created via the new PO line list advanced search, there may be some problems presenting the actual set results.

Until this matter is handled is is recommended to create advanced search queries with no "grouped" search indexes.


URM-171020 - Resolved in January Release 2023

Advanced Search

When performing an advanced search for "Workflow" - Equals - All (Except Closed) - 0 results are returned.


URM-180610 - Resolved in January Release 2023


New PO Line

Load from template does not fill the Material supplier, Access provider, and Material type fields. In addition, items are not added automatically to the location set in the template.



URM-183615 - Resolved in March Release 2023



Renewal date facet is not shown in the new unified PO line list.




The List - Export

Export PO line list to excel fails.





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