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    GuideMe Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    GuideMe is a help tool layered over Alma, providing step-by-step guidance enabling you to get just-in-time help on selected workflows. The flows are segmented by role displaying flows relevant to your role in your institution. Additional GuideMe flows will be added on an ongoing basis. Listed below are some Frequently Asked Questions about GuideMe:

    Why can't I see the GuideMe widget?

    • The GuideMe widget guide_me_widget.png is only available on the Alma home page. However, you can still access GuideMe from the Alma help menu.
    • It is possible that the GuideMe feature has been disabled for your institution.

    Why can't I see a specific GuideMe that I know exists?

    • The walkthroughs are segmented according to user role. If you do not have the correct user roles, you will not be able to access walkthroughs that require those permissions.
    • A walkthrough will not appear if your user interface is configured for a right-to-left language.

    Can I suggest an idea for a GuideMe that I would like to see?

    We would be happy to hear your ideas. Submit your suggestions at the Ex Libris Idea Exchange. Select the GuideMe category under the Alma heading.

    How can I report an issue with a GuideMe?

    Click on the Email us your feedback link in the GuideMe main menu.

    Is GuideMe compliant with privacy standards?

    GuideMe captures user clicks on Alma pages to track how the pages are being used. GuideMe never stores any personal information regarding the user. Any data that is stored is anonymized for analytic information only. No IP addresses are collected.

    What languages does GuideMe support?

    GuideMe walkthroughs are in English but are available on most localized UIs, with the exception of right-to-left languages.

    How do I know what the prerequisites are for a GuideMe?

    If there are special prerequisites for a GuideMe, the first step of the GuideMe will outline them.

    What GuideMe walkthroughs are available?

    GuideMe Walkthrough Roles
    Extend Fiscal Period for a Ledger Fund Manager or Ledger Manager
    Configure Pickup at Item's Library or Campus General Systems Administrator or Fulfillment Administrator
    Change Libraries that are Possible Pickup Location General Systems Administrator or Fulfillment Administrator
    Change On-Shelf Request Policy General Systems Administrator or Fulfillment Administrator
    Create an Ebook Central Integration Profile General System Administrator
    Preserve Past Ebook Central Acquisition Details General System Administrator
    Monitoring the Ebook Central Upload Job General System Administrator
    Contribute Records to the Community Zone Electronic Inventory Operator or Repository Manager
    Disencumber Funds of Continuous, Standing Orders Purchasing Operator or Purchasing Manager or Acquisitions Administrator
    Output Portfolio URLs to a Spreadsheet Electronic Inventory Operator or Repository Manager
    Restore Deleted Bibliographic Record Repository Manager
    Rollover Ledgers Fiscal Period Manager
    Rollover PO Lines Fiscal Period Manager
    Rollover Resource Sharing Requests Fiscal Period Manager
    Export Catalog for Cleanup Cataloger, Catalog Manager, Catalog Administrator
    Import Catalog After Cleanup Acquisitions Administrator, Catalog Administrator
    Create a Set for a Manual Job Widely available
    Save a Query for a Manual Job Widely available
    Add Local Extensions to Linked Records Cataloger, Catalog Manager, Catalog Administrator
    Create Normalization Rule for Local Extensions Cataloger, Catalog Manager, Catalog Administrator
    Create Normalization Process for Local Extensions General Systems Administrator, Catalog Administrator
    Run Job to Add Local Extensions Catalog Manager, Catalog Administrator

    How do I turn GuideMe on or off?

    GuideMe is enabled at the institution-level by default.

    Toggling GuideMe on/off is possible in two ways:

    • Institution-level - Your System Administrator can enable or disable GuideMe for your institutions as a whole. When turned off, GuideMe will not be available to any users. In the Configuration menu > General > Other Settings, set the enable_new_walk_me parameter to true to enable GuideMe, or set the enable_new_walk_me parameter to false to disable it.
    • Individual user - Users can show/hide their GuideMe on screen elements from the Alma Help menu. When the GuideMe toggle is set to hide, no GuideMe elements are visible on screen; however, you can still trigger walkthroughs from the Alma help menu by selecting GuideMe.
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