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    Draft Records

    The Draft Records area under Records in the Metadata Editor lists the records on which you are working. Select the tabs to navigate among the different types of records on which you want to work. The list of draft records that appears varies depending on which type of record (tab) you selected to view.

    Record Information

    Point at a specific record in the draft records list to display details regarding that record, such as title, author, record ID, creation date/time stamp, modification date, and who modifier name in the row's tool tip. The details vary depending on the type of record at which you are pointing.
    Record Information

    Pushed Records

    In the draft records area, some records may be identified as Pushed. This indicates that the record was queued to the Metadata Editor from another function in Alma. For example, while doing a repository search, you may determine that there are multiple records that you want to reference and work with in the Metadata Editor.
    To push records:
    • From your search results list, select these records and select Push Selected to MDE. This pushes these records to the Draft Records area of the Metadata Editor. See Pushing Records to Metadata Editor for more information.
    pushed records in MDE.png
    Pushed Records


    When you have a long list of records in the draft records area, use the filtering options to easily locate one or more records with which you want to work. Enter search characters in the filter list box to locate one or more matches. Use the filter list menu to organize your records in the following manner:
    • Show only Institution Zone records, show only Community Zone records, or show both
    • Arrange the records in the list according to:
      • Group by scope, such as group by Institution Zone or group by Community Zone
      • Ascending/descending order by list entry time, according to the order in which the records were added to the draft records list
      • Ascending/descending order by title
    Filter List Menu
    When the default Record Scope is changed, a green dot is applied to the Filter Menu icon: Filter_Menu_Icon_Record_Scope_Modified_02.png

    Refresh List

    As multiple users may be adding and deleting records in the draft records list simultaneously, you may find it helpful to refresh the list of records on which you are working from time to time. Do this to see records assigned to you by another user, or to remove records that are being edited by other users if your lock on the record expired. (Your lock on the record expires after one hour during which the record was not used by you in the Metadata Editor.)

    This can be done using the Refresh List icon.

    Refresh List Icon

    Release Records

    In addition to releasing one record at a time from the draft list (see Release record), you can also release all the records from the draft list using the Release All Records in List icon.
    Release All Records in List Icon

    Editor Split Mode

    For times when you would like to view an additional record, you can set the editing area under Records in split mode. Use the Editor Split Mode icon to split the editing area into two. Note that both editing areas provide the same editing functions.
    Editor Split Mode Icon
    Split Screen Editing Area

    Collapse the Draft Records List

    The draft records pane in the Metadata Editor can be collapsed to make more room for editing records. Use the open/close pane icon to do this.
    Open_Close_Pane_Icon_for_Draft_Records_List_Open_Pane_04.png                      Open_Close_Pane_Icon_for_Draft_Records_List_CLOSED_Pane_04.png
    Open / Close Draft Records List

    Load Community Draft Records

    To load draft records from the Community Zone:
    • To check if there are draft records in the Community Zone waiting to be edited, select the Load Community Zone Records button at the bottom of the navigation pane. 
      load community draft records option first state.png
    • Loading the records might take a few moments, at which time the button changes its text to Loading from Community Zone and is not clickable.
       load community draft records option second state.png
    • Once records have been loaded:
    • Records loaded from the Community Zone are displayed in the records list. The button changes to Auto-Loading from Community Zone and is not clickable.

    auto load from CZ.png

    • If there were no records to load (or after the last community record was released from the list), the button returns to its initial state Load Community Zone Records, enabling you to come back at a later time and try again. 
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