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    Alerts on the Metadata Editor

    When you open a record to edit it, Alma checks the record for a variety of characteristics such as missing information, invalid information, duplicate records, and so forth. If an issue is found, it is presented as an alert.
    Alert Area
    When you select the alerts area of the Metadata Editor, it expands to show the record issues that were found. Use the minimize icon to collapse the alerts area.
    Alert Details
    You can also view the record issues by selecting the editor split mode icon to display the alert details in a pane next to the record.
    Alerts in Editor Split Mode
    Note that when you have two records open in split mode and then select to view the alert details in split mode, the non-focused record collapses vertically to the left or right (depending on which record is the focused record), to allow for the Alert details to appear in the right pane. In the following example, the record on the left is focused, so the record on the right collapsed vertically .
    Secondary Record Appears Vertically on the Right
    In the following example, the record on the left (not focused) collapsed vertically to the left, and the focused record that was previously on the right shifted to the left to allow the Alert details to appear in the right pane.
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