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Alma Analytics transforms a broad range of library data into actionable reports and identifiable trends for data-driven decision-making.​

2021 H2

Local Authorities

What’s New Highlights Impact
New subject area – Local Authorities
  • There will be a new subject area for Local Authorities.​

  • The institution will be able to see how many local authority records have been, for example, created, edited, and deleted by vocabulary within specific times frames.

Gain insights into how local authority records are being used.

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Default Projects in Data Visualization

What’s New Highlights Impact
There will be a set of default projects using Data Visualization In addition to the existing analytics reports and dashboards, a new set will be created using Data Visualization. Enhanced visualization and data analysis utilizing Data Visualization.

P and E expenditure with forecast.png

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2022 H1

Title level collection information

What’s New Highlights Impact
Title level collection information will be added to various subject areas. Title level collection information such as collection name, ID and level will be added to multiple subject areas. Institutions will be able to easily analyze the title level collection usage.

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DARA Recommendations

What’s New Highlights Impact
New subject area - DARA recommendations
  • There will be a new subject area for DARA recommendations.​

  • The institution will be able to see the recommendations that were generated, implemented and dismissed by category.

Easily understand how automated recommendations are affecting the workflows of the institution.

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Flexible Scheduling of Reports

What’s New Highlights Impact
User defined scheduling of Analytics Objects 
  • Instead of predefined schedules, users will be able to define specific schedules 

  • This includes analytics objects of scheduled reports and scheduled dashboards.

Improved interoperability 

Improved services to analytics consumers

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2022 H2 - 2023

Additions to Benchmark Analytics

What’s New Highlights Impact
New measures will be added to the benchmark analytics allowing the institution to see where improvements can be made

Measures include:

Percentage of items ordered in last 365 days which arrived and were loaned

Number of collections and portfolios contributed to the CZ

Number of claimed orders 

Institutions will be able to easily analyze their performance compared to other institutions in the same region.

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A 'Trials and Evaluations' subject area

What’s New Highlights Impact
New subject area on POLs which are "Trials and Evaluations"

Measures include:

Number of POL trials which became a real order and number which did not become a real order

Number of participants in the trial, and number of participants who responded.

Institutions will be able to measure the efficacy of the use of the 'Trials and Evaluations' workflow

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Add letters and notices information to Alma Analytics

What’s New Highlights Impact

Information regarding patron facing letters and notices will be added to Alma Analytics.

Sample business cases include:

How many overdue notices were sent by a specific library to specific user types in a specific month.

Number of Overdue Notifications per item counted by library

How many claim letters were sent, and to which vendors. in the last year.

Institutions will have an additional method to evaluate library workflows.

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