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    Alma APAC event RCA - July 26, Aug 19 and Aug 20 2016

    Confidential Information, Disclaimer and Trade Marks


    This document serves as a Root Cause Analysis for the Alma service interruption experienced by Ex Libris customers on July 26, 2016


    The goal of this document is to share our findings regarding the event, specify the root cause analysis, outline actions to be taken to solve the downtime event, as well as preventive measures Ex Libris is taking to avoid similar cases in future.

    Event Timeline

    Service interruption was experienced by Ex Libris customers served by the Alma instance at the APAC Data Center during the following hours: 


    July 26, 2016 From 12:23 AM until 1:05 AM Singapore time zone

    August 19, 2016 From 4:29 PM Until 4:32 PM Singapore time zone

    August 20, 2016 From 12:43 PM Until 2:55 PM Singapore time zone


    During the event, the service was unavailable for the environment.

    Root Cause Analysis

    Ex Libris engineers investigated this event to determine the root cause analysis, with the following results:

    A network problem was identified by Ex Libris engineers. The problem was related to an ISP provider (Internet Service Provider) problem.

    After researching the problem with the relevant vendors, Ex Libris engineers identified that planned work done by the Data Center vendor caused the network line used by Ex Libris to be disrupted. The work was performed on the two redundant network lines, resulting in a complete loss of network to the Data Center and within the Data Center itself.

    Technical Action Items and Preventive Measures

    Ex Libris has taken the following action and preventive measures to avoid such an occurrence in future:


    Ex Libris has escalated the issue to the highest management of both network and Data Center vendors.

    An updated commitment was put in place indicating that work on the network links, including third-party work between sites, will be communicated in advance to Ex Libirs by the DC and ISP vendors.

    Customer Communication

    ExLibris is committed to providing customers with prompt and ongoing updates during Cloud events. Ongoing and prompt updates on service interruptions appear in the system status portal at this address:

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