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    Next Release Sneak Preview (for March 2018)

    The features below are currently planned for the next release. However, some of these features may, for various reasons, not be included in this month's release, but rather in a future Alma release.


    • NERS.png NERS Enhancement (ID # 5271):  Additional Options to Update Order Records – The February release's new option to update certain PO lines attributes after the order was created and sent to the vendor will be enhanced to include the update of additional fields, such as Acquisition method and PO line owner.
    • Excel Sheet for Creating Invoices – The option to create invoices by loading an Excel file will be enhanced with an option to specify the owning library.

    Resource Management

    • Overlap Analysis with the Community Zone – It will be possible to run an overlap analysis comparison of an Institution Zone e-collection with one or more Community Zone e-collections.
    • Call Number Duplication Check – In order to check call number duplication when a bibliographic record is saved, a new out-of-the-box MD Editor-only validation task will be added to Alma.
    • Enhanced Multilingual Authority Record Management – The editing and handling of multilingual authorities with or without $$9 will be enhanced. It will be possible to manage an authority record with more than one preferred term with the same language or with no language.
    • MD Editor Import Enhancements –There will be a new option to map fields from an incoming record to create holdings. In the MD import profile, the Inventory Information tab will include a new section, Holdings Records Mapping, that will determine the mapping of the fields in the incoming bibliographic record to the fields in the newly created holdings record.

    Digital Resource Management

    • HANDLE Export – Users can add pre-generated handles to bibliographic records, which will then be exported to FTP for the handle server update.
    • DC Application Profiles – DC application profiles will allow institutions to catalog up to 50 local fields, beyond the standard 15 DC fields.

    Resource Sharing 

    • Requests Monitor – The Resource Request Monitoring list will be enhanced to support viewing completed requests. A new Activity Status filter will be added to the screen to support this option.
    • Workflow Options for Managing Rejected Requests – There will be improved options for managing the workflow of rejected resource sharing requests.

    Collaborative Networks

    • Central (Network Zone) SIS Handling in Network – It will be possible to manage user records centrally, in a single Network Zone-managed users list..


    • Additions to the Digital Usage Subject Area – File and Representation folders will be added to the Digital Usage subject area.  


    • Enhanced Campus Level Availability Information – The General Publishing platform, the RESTful Get BIB API, and the SRU search results will be enhanced with campus-level availability information
    • Discovery APIs – If a holdings record does not have a cataloged Summary Holdings Statement, the AVA information that is retrieved by the GET BIB API will include a system-generated statement similar to the one currently generated in the Primo Get It tab.
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