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    Next Release Sneak Preview

    Resource Management

    • Call Number/Shelf List Browse for the Item Level Call Numbers – With the January release, the browse shelf listing will include item-level call numbers in addition to call numbers at the holdings level.
    • Specialized Support for 689 Headings – Access from the 689 field to authority headings will be available using the standard F3 button. This is a development for the German market.

    Digital Resource Management

    • System Generation of Thumbnails – Alma will now generate thumbnails for a wide array of files loaded to Alma, as well as update thumbnails for existing (relevant) files.
    • Option to Delete/Deactivate Remote Repositories – It will now be possible to activate/deactivate or delete remote repository configurations.
    • End User Deposit Using SWORD – As part of the institutional repository workflows, Alma will support depositing digital material using the SWORD 2.0 protocol.
    • Support for Same Source/Target MD Format in Digital Ingest – You will now be able to load localized MARC records (for example, UNIMARC) and keep them in the same schema (that is, they will not be converted to MARC 21).


    • Resend Printouts/Emails – A new job, Resend Printouts/Emails, will allow for resending emails based on parameters such as: date/time range of creation,; job ID, and printer name and printout type.
    • Calendar Days Options for Lost and Overdue Loan Profiles – It will be possible to set the Lost and Overdue Loan profiles to count the days as either calendar days (as it is today) or as open days only.

    Resource Sharing

    • Digital Shipment - Alma Document Delivery – A new document delivery mechanism will be instituted so that the resource sharing lender can place an article at a secure server, allowing the borrower to access (with a password) the requested file.

    Collaborative Networks

    • Identify Records Not Used in the Network Zone – There will be a new process, Identify records that are not used in the network (that will be shown only in the Network Zone). You may want to use this to identify records that do not have inventory in the Network Zone or in any of the local institutions so that these records can be deleted from the Network Zone catalog.


    • API to manage logical sets
    • Updates to the Sets API in order to fully support logical sets
    • Enhanced Update BIB API for member institutions working with a Network Zone.
    • API for RDA/RDF – This API will offer an option to publish bibliographic records in RDA/RDF XML format.


    • Network ID in the Bibliographic Details Dimension – The Network ID column will display in the Bibliographic Details dimension in all subject areas.
    • The "Normalized" Title, ISBN, and ISSN will be added to the Bibliographic Details dimension in all subject areas. This will assist in overlap analysis reports.


    • Social Login - Add URL to activation confirmation – When activating authentication to Primo or Alma via a social network provider, the confirmation message will include a login URL to bookmark.
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