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    Next Release Sneak Preview


    • Enhanced Generation of Barcode Numbers – This development will extend the ability to generate alternate or temporary call numbers on the item record. This includes enhancements to the configuration of barcode sequences (the ability to manage multiple sequences) and a Generate button in the Physical Item Editor or List of New Items.
    • Automated Email Claiming for Continuous PO Lines – Until now, automated claiming was possible only via EDI. This functionality will extend automated claiming to include email as well.

    Resource Management

    • idea_exchange.pngIdea Exchange: Move Item(s) from One Bibliographic Record to Another – It will be possible to move a single item from one bibliographic record to another.
    • Upload Electronic Holdings from Ovid – Similar to integration with Elsevier, there will be an automatic update of Ovid electronic holdings, eliminating the need to manually maintain the electronic holdings for these collections.
    • Restore Framework – In certain cases, you will be able to restore deleted or updated records.
    • Enable the Visualization of Direction UNICODE characters used in Hebrew Cataloging – You will be able to show, add, and edit UNICODE characters related to language direction.

    Digital Resource Management

    • Managing Shared Digital Resources in the Network Zone – Further enhancements initially delivered in the November release will be introduced.
    • Various enhancements to publishing in Dublin Core will be available.
    • Collection Facets to All Titles Results – Collection facets will be added to the All Titles search results.
    • Enhanced [Digital] Display Logic – It will be possible to define a new type of logic rule to show/not show a digital service based on words in the public note.


    • Block When Overdue Policy – The Block When Overdue policy unit of measurement options will also have an 'accumulative' option. If used, the expiration date of the newly created block will be the currently existing latest block expiration date + the number of days that the policy dictates.
    • idea_exchange.pngIdea Exchange: Call Number on Fulfillment Pages and Notifications – The call number will display in all circulation pages in Alma, and in all relevant user notifications.
    • Payment for Digitization Request Fee – The library will be able to attach to the requests TOU two new policies for digitization costs: cost per digitization or cost per page.

    Resource Sharing

    • BLDSS – After successful testing with the British Library and a number of UK customers, the functionality of BLDSS will be available.
    • Enhanced Overdue Messages – It will be possible to configure an email address for SLNP partners.
    • Message via Mail – Requests will be able to be sent to email-enabled suppliers (borrower and lender) for all status changes.

    Collaborative Networks

    • Display Logic Rules – Display logic rules will be able to be configured at the Network Zone level.


    • Various APIs related to itemized sets and the MD import job will be enhanced.


    • Course Reserves Subject Area – The Course Reserves subject area will be enhanced.
    • Comparative Analytics – The December release marks the first, preparatory phase for comparative Analytics. From your Alma instance, you will be able to access and fill in an institutional profile form as a first step for the planned development of comparative Analytics.
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