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    Acquisitions - July 2016 Enhancements

    Item Search in Amazon

    Instead of placing an order on the Amazon website and then manually recording and transferring the order information to Alma, this feature streamlines and simplifies the ordering process by allowing you to search in Amazon for an item and then automatically transfer the order information to Alma in order create a PO line for the item. For detailed information, see Item Search in Amazon.

    Additional Acquisitions Enhancements

    • The MMS ID and Receiving Note was added to the XML available for the Interested In letter. The fields are: <mms_id> and <receivingNote>.
    • Free text license terms now appear as large text areas instead of single line text fields when editing a license.
    • The option Actions > Set back to review was added for all invoices that are Ready to be Paid on the Waiting for Payment Invoices page (see Working with Invoices Waiting for Payment). Select this option to send the invoice back to In Review status (see Reviewing Invoices). The option is available for invoices that are unassigned or assigned to you.
    • "Has Contents" icons were added to the assigned/unassigned tabs on the Purchase Order Lines in Review page. The blue indicator appears in a tab even if the selected facets filter out all of the PO lines in that tab. For more information on this page, see Reviewing PO Lines.
    • The following additional fields are now saved as part of a PO line template (see Working with PO Line Templates):
      • Library/Location and Item policy
      • Receiving note
      • Quantity for pricing
      • Material type
      • Rush
      • Manual packaging
      • Binding/Routing during processing
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