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    December Sneak Preview

    The features below are currently planned for the next release. However, some of these features may, for various reasons, not be included in this month's release, but rather in a future Alma release.

    Resource Management

    • Deleting the last inventory in the Consortia will delete the Bibliographic record in the Network Zone - In order to provide the most accurate indication of the inventory that is held by the consortia, a new configuration option will be added that will allow consortia's to decide if they want the Network Zone bibliographic record to be deleted when the last inventory (associated to the Bibliographic record) is deleted in the Consortia.
    • A Consortia member will be able to see Physical Title Usage across the Consortia - To better support the usage of Physical resources across the Consortia, staff users will be able to see the Physical Title usage ( Number of Loans, Number of Requests) for each title that is held by a consortia member.

    Digital Resource Management

    • Support for overlaying digital watermarks - Alma Digital will add support for overlaying digital watermarks on delivered images, in order to embed copyright data.
    • Update to Alma’s CDL waitlist functionality - Alma’s CDL waitlist for course reserves will support notifying patrons on resource availability via SMS.


    • Library level patron notifications - It will be possible to send fulfillment notifications per library that are currently aggregated for the entire institution. For example, sending the borrowing activity letters and the courtesy letters per library.
    • NERS Enhancement (#6676) Prioritized locations for Primo GetIt - It will be possible to set priorities between libraries and between locations of a library, affecting the order in which holdings are displayed in the Primo GetIt tab.
    • **Ideas Exchange**Full proxy patrons - It will be possible to set up user accounts for proxy patrons that are ‘full’ proxies. These ‘full’ proxy patrons will not only be able to check out on behalf of other patrons, but also to request and manage requests on behalf of another patron.

    Administration and Infrastructure

    • Excel Report Output - The export to Excel from all lists in the system has enhanced formatting of the columns for improved ease of use, reducing the need to reformat the exported data for viewing and filtering.
    • Counter for Printouts Queue - The Printouts available in the Online Printout Queue will now appear in Alma's Tasks and Task Widget, making it easier to see if you have printouts that require handling.


    Historical loans to the getLoans API - The Loans API will be enhanced to support the retrieval of Historical Loans – subject to the institution's anonymization policies.

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