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    February Sneak Preview

    The features below are currently planned for the next release. However, some of these features may, for various reasons, not be included in this month's release, but rather in a future Alma release.



    PO Line Pricing - A new checkbox "Update Net Price according to quantity of items" will reflect the number of ordered items within the "Quantity for pricing" field. This will save staff users from the need to update the quantity for the pricing field when adding an item to the PO line.

    In addition, a new "Discount (amount)" field will allow users to specify the actual discount amount which will automatically populate the "Discount (%)" field. This is useful in cases where a specific amount is given as a discount and will not require the user to calculate the exact percentage of the discount.

    Resource Management

    • Enhanced IZ view of NZ Managed Resources: Export Electronic Portfolios - Consortia members will be able to export Network Zone shared Bibliographic records and Portfolios from within the Institution Zone.
    • Holdings Search - Advanced Search - Inventory operators will be able to perform an accurate holdings search using a new advanced search capability. This new advanced search has an improved query builder enabling it to more easily create complex conditions.
    • Browse Bib headings and Selection Display - The catalog administrator will be able to define how bib headings are displayed. The change will take an effect in the next semiannual indexing.

    Digital Resource Management

    • Multiple Policies for a CDL (Controlled Digital Lending) Resource - Staff will be able to exempt specific user groups from CDL restrictions, (for example with users with print disabilities), by creating multiple policies for a single CDL resource.
    • CDL (Controlled Digital Lending) Waitlist Management in the Back Office - Alma will expose the list of patrons waiting for a CDL resource, allowing staff to remove or prioritize users in the waitlist.

    Resource Sharing

    Job Category as an Input Parameter for Borrowing Resource Sharing - It will be possible to use the patron’s Job category as input to the resource sharing borrowing TOU (Terms of Use) rules, just as it is possible when configuring the loan TOU rules.


    Data Visualization Projects - Data Visualization projects can now be defined as objects in Alma Analytics and can be accessed directly in the Alma menu.

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