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    Alma Administration Certification Overview

    This page contains details about how the Alma Administration Certification training program works.

    About the Alma Administration Certification Program

    Become a Certified Alma Administrator and gain the knowledge and skills to administer and manage Alma system configuration. This certification program is entirely self-paced -- all online training content is openly available on the Knowledge Center, and the certification exam can be taken at any time through the Ex Libris Academy


    The Alma Administration Certification Process


    Validate your knowledge

    Learn and understand the advanced configuration options available in Alma and validate your knowledge against a benchmark of proficiency for Alma administration. Earning a professional credential prepares you to be the go-to expert for your library staff, and to serve as a primary point of contact for our Ex Libris Support team.

    What's covered on the exam

    The certification test includes roughly 30 questions randomly assigned from across all the major functional areas of Alma. You have 90 minutes to complete the exam once it is launched and obtain a minimum passing score of 70%.  

    How to prepare 

    We strongly advise that you complete the Alma Essentials training prior to the Alma Administration Certification program, as the Essentials training provides a foundational understanding of the basics of Alma functionality. The certification course covers content across the major functional areas. It contains short (~5 min), focused, demo-based workflows. Practice is highly recommended, and you are advised to use your institution's Alma sandbox as your primary learning environment. 

    Each e-learning session page links out to relevant Knowledge Center assets, alongside links to printable handouts containing narration notes. These are great post-training resources meant to supplement and enhance the learning experience.

    certificationWho should become a Certified Alma Administrator?

    Administrators and system librarians, and those who are tasked with making system-critical decisions should plan on becoming certified Alma Administrators at their institutions.


    welcomepage.JPGReady to take the certification exam?

    Register yourself at the Ex Libris Academy, sign-up to take the Alma Administration certification exam, and launch the test. Check out the FAQs for more detailed information on the process, and good luck!

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