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    Knowledge Acceleration Program Overview

    This page contains details about how the Knowledge Acceleration Program works.

    About the Knowledge Acceleration Program  

    The Knowledge Acceleration Program is a live webinar program created specifically for libraries that have recently completed their Alma implementation and switched to support in the past 3-6 months. Program cycles are assigned at the start of implementation.

    The series of six live sessions will focus on a range of topics that libraries often look to optimize in their first year of production, including reviewing and adjusting configuration, Acquisitions workflows, maintaining resources, using Analytics, and more. Knowledge Acceleration Program sessions are delivered and staffed by Ex Libris trainers and expert consultants. Additional details about each webinar can be found here.


    Who should attend? 

    Your project manager will provide Knowledge Acceleration Program cycle assignment and registration information during implementation. All library staff are eligible and encouraged to register, attend and participate.  

    What is the time commitment? 

    Customers will attend the Knowledge Acceleration Program shortly after switching to Support. The program runs one day a week, for about 60 minutes including live Q&A, over the course of 6 weeks. You can pick and choose which sessions best fit the work you do in Alma.  Each session is delivered by Ex Libris' trainers.

    When should we plan on attending? 

    Your project manager will connect you with the cycle that best fits with your switch to support schedule.  

    My site went live before 2021, can we still participate in KAP? 

    The program is optimized for new Alma customers. If you have questions about the program or are a current customer interested in attending KAP, please contact

    This program sounds great, but we’re looking for something beyond the basics. What do you have that would meet our needs? 

    To check out upcoming freely available continuing education webinars, go to the Customer Education Webinars page on the Ex Libris website. 

    Our Premium Services team provides custom services to customers that are interested in workflow optimization, individualized training, or hands-on configuration assistance with Ex Libris products.  For more information, please contact

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