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    360: What is Happening with the PressReader Collections?

    • Product: Alma, SFX, 360
    • Product Version: All
    • Relevant for Installation Type: All


    What is happening with the PressReader collections?

    We are currently working with PressReader to find the best solution to update their content in the Ex Libris Knowledgebases. The general title list we receive from PressReader does not accurately reflect various customers’ holdings.

    PressReader has regional and segmented distinctions and different customers holdings vary accordingly. For instance, a public institution may have access to a certain title, whereas an academic institution one might not. Even within the same segment, geographical variations may exist. An example being a public library in Argentina accessing title X while its counterpart in the US cannot. These restrictions are quite intricate rendering use of a one-size-fits-all title list impossible.

    We are currently looking into the possibility of replacing the general PressReader collection (Alma ID: 611000000000002086/ SFX ID 1000000000002086/ 360 DBID: PDI) with new regional and segmented collections (Academic/Public/Government) to better match the different customers holdings.

    This change will also impact the regional collections that we currently have as the title list for those also do not accurately reflect customer holdings because of segmented distinctions.

    1. PressReader Canada (Alma ID: 614910000000002202/ SFX ID 4910000000002202/ DBID: AJPRI)

    2. PressReader USA( Alma ID: 614910000000002203/ SFX ID: 4910000000002203/ DBID: ABQTI)

    3. PressReader Switzerland (Alma ID: 615450000000003403/ SFX ID: 5450000000003403/ DBID:) JGSWC)

    4. PressReader Australia (Alma ID: 615490000000001264/ SFX ID: 5490000000001264/ DBID: PRISS)

    In addition, PressReader title list coverage dates are dynamically calculated as 90 days backwards from the current date. This feature applies to a lot of their titles, but not to all of them. PressReader promised to supply us with the information about the percentage of the title list where this “90 days” feature is applicable, so that we can assess whether it’s possible to set up automated updates for the new regional and segmented collections we are looking to create.

    Update November 29th:

    On November 24th, PressReader supplied us with the information about the titles where this “90 days” feature is applicable. This information is currently under analysis by the Operations team to see whether it’s possible ingest and maintain the new regional and segmented collections we are looking to create. In addition, after initial evaluation by the Operations team, Ex Libris requested additional enhancements to the title list, and we are looking to hear from Press Reader if they would be able to supply the required metadata as part of their lists.

    We expect to have an update on the dates functionality in December 2023.


    Update December 17th:

    Operations teams will be able to ingest most titles by PressReader, providing they will do the enhancements to the title list request by Ex Libris. However, we are currently unable to ingest coverage dates for any title with a start date under 30 days from current date. To do so will require development effort on Ex Libris side. In addition, as of today, we are still waiting for PressReader to confirm if they would be able to add the enhancements we requested to the title lists. These are essential for Ex Libris to be able to create and maintain the new collections.


    Update January 7th

    Press reader confirmed to us they would be able to supply the enhancements we requested to the title list. However, they are currently experiencing a back-end issue on their side and are unable to supply the title lists until the issue is resolved. They did not provide a timeline to resolution.

    On our side, the development team is working to enable to automatically calculate coverage dates under 30 days.


    We expect to have an update on the Press Reader back-end issue in February.



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