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360 KB: Databases from provider Adam Matthew Digital: Title-Level Linking change to Secure Protocol (HTTPS) -- September, 2022

What is happening to the URL linking syntax of Adam Matthew Digital databases? 

The provider Adam Matthew Digital updated their linking to HTTP secure (HTTPS) for all of their databases.

We will be gradually changing the database and title-level linking for databases under provider Adam Matthew Digital (provider code: PRVDHG) from HTTP to HTTPS in the Knowledgebase starting on September 21, 2022. Aside from regular updates based on Adam Matthew Digital title lists, the content of the Adam Matthew Digital databases will remain the same.

The 360 KB URL changes for databases under provider Adam Matthew Digital (provider code: PRVDHG) are estimated to be completed by the end of 2022, but please keep in mind that, for consortia-specific databases, we rely on consortia to send updated title lists on various schedules, so these updates may take longer.

These database and title URL changes will begin taking effect in September 2022, with an estimated completion date of the end of December 2022:

  • Before September 21, 2022: http://www.[provider_database_code]
  • After September 21, 2022: https://www.[provider_database_code]

List of affected Adam Matthew Digital databases is here.

Actions you may need to take:

  • Make sure that https is included in your proxy configuration as soon as possible.
  • If you are a 360 MARC Updates client and have requested the custom specification that adds direct URLs to MARC records, you can expect to see some change records when you get your next MARC records.