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    360 KB: HeinOnline databases

    • Product: 360 KB

    What is going on with the HeinOnline Collections under provider William S. Hein & Co., Inc.?

    Update February 18, 2015:

    The HeinOnline databases are now updated in 360 KB, and will be updated regularly (monthly or quarterly), based on files provided by William S. Hein & Co., Inc.

    In addition, the following databases have been added to 360 KB, and/or have been converted from 0-title databases to full-text collections:
    DBID Database Name
    .M. HeinOnline Congress and the Courts
    .M0 HeinOnline History of Supreme Court Nominations
    DILEM HeinOnline Immigration Law & Policy in the U.S.
    50S HeinOnline Parker School of Foreign & Comparative Law Publications
    50V HeinOnline Revised Statutes of Canada
    DKWXG HeinOnline State Reports: A Historical Archive
    50T HeinOnline State Statutes: A Historical Archive
    DRNGU HeinOnline Tax Foundation Archive Publications
    DXAEE HeinOnline Women and the Law (Peggy)
    EKZRC HeinOnline World Treaty Library
    Update August 25, 2014: The HeinOnline American Indian Law Collection (DB ID: OD1) has been updated in the 360 KB knowledgebase.

    Update March 27, 2014: The HeinOnline Law Journal Library (DB ID: RHO) has been updated in the 360 KB knowledgebase.

    We are continuing to work with the provider William S. Hein & Co., Inc. to ensure that the HeinOnline products are correctly represented in the 360 KB knowledgebase. Please subscribe to this Answer (by clicking Follow Me (currently not available) above) so that we can send you e-mail when we receive updates and more information from the provider.
    • Date Created: 27-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 19-Feb-2015
    • Old Article Number: 10510