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360 KB: LexisNexis UK - new Lexis UK platform and migration

  • Product: Alma, 360 KB, SFX
  • Product Version: all
  • Relevant for Installation Type: all

LexisNexis UK have a new platform, Lexis+ UK - when will these collections be available? What is happening with the current Lexis Library UK products?

LexisNexis UK have created a new platform and suite of products, called Lexis+ UK, and are migrating libraries over time from the Lexis Library products to this new platform. They have supplied Ex Libris with new title lists for these collections and are currently setting up the new collections and lists in the Ex Libris knowledgebases. These collections will be available in Revision 36 (released on September 4th). In 360 KB these collections are available immediately. 

For Alma, please note that it may take a few days until this change is reflected in your Institution Zone You can check your last update date from community zone from Alma main menu help page.

The new collections are: 

Collection Name Alma Collection ID 360 KB DB code

SFX Target Name

SFX Target ID
LexisPlusUK Academic Library 614920000000003585 LAAQE LEXISPLUSUK_ACADEMIC_LIBRARY 4920000000003585
LexisPlusUK Cases 614920000000003586 LASKT LEXISPLUSUK_CASES 4920000000003586
LexisPlusUK Commonwealth 614920000000003587 LDLIH LEXISPLUSUK_COMMONWEALTH 4920000000003587
LexisPlusUK Comprehensive 614920000000003588 LDNZT LEXISPLUSUK_COMPREHENSIVE 4920000000003588
LexisPlusUK FormsandPrecedents 614920000000003589 LHQGE LEXISPLUSUK_FORMSANDPRECEDENTS 4920000000003589
LexisPlusUK Halsbury 614920000000003590 LIPEV LEXISPLUSUK_HALSBURY 4920000000003590
LexisPlusUK International Legal 614920000000003594 LMKDQ LEXISPLUSUK_INTERNATIONAL_LEGAL 4920000000003594
LexisPlusUK Journals 614920000000003591 LNAJO LEXISPLUSUK_JOURNALS 4920000000003591
LexisPlusUK Legislation 614920000000003592 LNHJY LEXISPLUSUK_LEGISLATION 4920000000003592
LexisPlusUK UK Newspapers 614920000000003593 LQALC LEXISPLUSUK_UK_NEWSPAPERS 4920000000003593

For now, the current "Lexis Library" collections will remain in the KBs in parallel with the new Lexis+ UK collections while customers adopt and migrate to the new platform. LexisNexis UK will inform us when the migration period will end, at which point we will remove the Lexis Library collections. 

LexisPlus UK Linking

  • In Alma and SFX, there are parser parameters for your LexisPlus SSO/Federation IDP and/or MIP (see below for information on how to obtain these values from LexisNexis UK). 

  • 360 KB customers, use the Holding URL Replacement page to add a suffix for your SSO or MIP. 

    • For SSO, the suffix should be &federationidp= followed by your Federation IDP

    • For MIP, the suffix should be &identityprofileid= followed by your MIP

    • If you have any problems with making the replacements, or you are an Intota customer, please file a case via the Support Portal and our Technical Support team will assist you.

You should have received your LexisPlus SSO/Federation IDP and/or MIP from LexisNexis UK before your library transitioned to LexisPlus UK. If you have lost this information or did not receive it, please contact LexisNexis UK - Telephone:  0330 161 1234  or submit a request



  • Article last edited: 30-Aug-2022


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