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    360 KB: What Does It Mean When My Case is in “Waiting For Vendor” Status?

    360 KB: What Does It Mean When My Case is in "Pending Vendor Input" Status?


    To accurately represent the content that you use in the 360 KB, we generally prefer to work closely with the content provider, whether it be for new data feeds, or fix issues and errors in existing data. This can take time, depending on how complicated the issue is, and depending upon our relationship with the provider. It is at this point that we change the status of your case to “Pending Vendor Input.”


    We make several attempts to contact the vendor regarding the issue and if they are unresponsive, we escalate the case to our Provider Relations team. They will try to get the provider to respond, establish a new contact, or explain what we need from them to help you make the best use of their content.


    However, despite our best efforts sometimes we are unable to get a response from the provider, or the provider may be unable to immediately address the issue on their side or provide definitive answers.


    If the provider is unresponsive after three attempts to contact them over a period of 90 days, we will set the case to 'Closing' status and update you on the situation. In those situations, we may recommend that a library contact the provider themselves to help address the issue or to be more responsive to our communications.


    We thank you for your patience as we continue to work on your request.




    • Article last edited: 20-06-2018