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    Alma Community Zone Collection List

    Below is the full list of full-text collections currently available in the Alma Community Zone. 

    Please note that the list does not include (zero-title) Database collections. 

    This column titled "Electronic Collection Last Update Date" represents the last time one or more portfolios within this collection were updated. 

    Our goal in sharing this is to increase transparency, and we advise that the information needs to be considered alongside the expected update frequency for each collection. For example, if a collection is closed then we do not expect to have recent updates, but for collections that you are aware of recent updates this column should reflect that. 

    We look forward to sharing the expected update frequency for all collections, and we are working with our provider colleagues to gather this information accurately. As soon as we have this information available we will add it to this table. 

    Information included in the list: 
    • Interface Name - provider name
    • Collection ID 
    • Collection Name 
    • Number of Portfolios
    • Last Update Date

    Alma Static Collection List - June 2024.xlsx

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