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    Alma: Brill Collections Which Are Not Being Updated - September 2022

    Brill collections has undergone a platform migration that required new title lists and linking parsers.

    Additionally,Brill have changed their sales model. There is no combined title list for both book and journal titles, therefore, we will delete the collection Brill Online Books and Journals ID 3840000000000283. This task is currently scheduled the the September-November 2022 time slot.

    The Brill Online Journals collection ID 613230000000000065  was replaced by 2019, 2020, 2021 annual collections.

    The Brill Online Ebooks collection changed to annual model as well. There are no title list available for the following collections, therefore we will not be able to update these collections:

    Brillonline Open Access Books

    Brillonline Open Access Journals

    Brill Online E-Books Asian Studies Collection
    Brill Online E-Books Biology Collection
    Brill Online E-Books Classical Studies Collection
    Brill Online E-Books European History and Culture Collection
    Brill Online E-Books Humanities and Social Sciences Collection
    Brill Online E-Books Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
    Brill Online E-Books International Law
    Brill Online E-Books International Law and Human Rights Collection
    Brill Online E-Books Language and Linguistics Collection
    Brill Online E-Books Literature and Cultural Studies
    Brill Online E-Books Middle East and Islamic Studies Collection
    Brillonline Ebooks Novum Testamentum Supplement Online
    Brillonline Ebooks Numen Book Series Online
    Brillonline Ebooks Philosophia Antiqua Online
    Brill Online E-Books Religious Studies, Theology and Philosophy Collection
    Brill Online E-Books Social Sciences Collection
    Brillonline Ebooks Studies In Intellectual History Online
    Brillonline Ebooks Studies In Semitic Languages And Linguistics Online
    Brillonline Ebooks Vetus Testamentum Supplement Online
    Brillonline Ebooks Vigiliae Christianae Supplement Online

    Current recommendation is to activate all annual collections to replace the complete collection.

    We are still working with Brill to receive a complete journal and ebooks title lists, at this time it is up to the provider's roadmap to resolve the issue therefore we don't have the time line for resolution. We will avoid deleting the Brill Online Journals collection for now, however, we are not able to update it.


    • Article last edited: 25-July-2022
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