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    Alma: Cambridge Core All Books collection - title list disruption

    What is happening to the Cambridge Core All Books collection?

    Cambridge University Press has informed Ex Libris that they have detected an internal technical issue affecting their KBART title list for the Cambridge Core All Books collection

    In a nutshell, the number of the titles included in this list has exceeded the size limits preset for the title list, thus when it is generated, the list is truncated.

    While Cambridge is working on a fix for this issue, they came up with a temporary solution - creating two temporary title lists to replace the general one: 

    • Cambridge Core: All currently published books up to end 2020
    • Cambridge Core: All currently published books from 2021 onwards

    We already have these two title lists and will be updating the Cambridge Core All Books collection (Alma ID 613820000000000020) using both. Our updates are now set to use these two title lists to perform an update once every two weeks. 

    Once CUP will have the corrected unified full title list back in place, we will revert to using it. 


    • Article last edited: 11-SEP-2023
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