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    Alma: Collection- Bacon Cairn Global Poches Que Sais-Je $CAIRN GLOBAL POCHES-QUESAIS-JE from CAIRN: Titles with duplicate ISBNs


    Collection Name: Bacon Cairn Global Poches Que Sais-Je $CAIRN_GLOBAL_POCHES-QUESAIS-JE

    Alma Collection ID:613780000000000288

    This collection has titles with duplicate ISBNs.

    CAIRN is aware that the title list contains titles with duplicate ISBNs. They do not assign the ISBNs. For each title, they need to understand which edition has the correct ISBN, and which has the duplicate. This is why they need the publisher's input. 

    CAIRN has acknowledged multiple times that they are working with the publishers regarding this issue and that it will take time. However, they are unable to provide a resolution timeline.

    We will update this article when we have the time line for resolution.


    Last updated 11-September-2023



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