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    Alma: Sage CQ Press collections migrated to Sage Data


    Certain collections from Sage CQ Press have migrated to the new platform of Sage Data. Link:

    Sage CQ Press collections that have migrated to this platform are:

    1.SAGE CQ Press Business Stats 

    2.SAGE CQ Press Local Stats

    3.SAGE CQ Press State Stats

    4.SAGE CQ Press US Political Stats

    The replacement Sage Data collections are:

    Sage Data A to Z
    Sage Data CORE
    Sage Data Premium: EASI Market Planner
    Sage Data Premium: China Data Center (National/Subnational)
    Sage Data Premium: Data Axle Historical US BusinessSage Data Premium: Claritas Consumer Profiles
    Sage Data Premium: Claritas Financial and Consumer Clout
    Sage Data Foundations
    Sage Data Premium:  Woods and Poole
    Sage Data Premium: Data Axle Historical US Residential
    Sage Data Premium: Data Axle Historical Canadian Business

    All customers who use the above Sage CQ Press collections should switch to Sage Data collections. Please feel free to reach out to if further assistance is required.

    The above Sage Data collections are currently being updated (as of September 2023). Once these collections are available, the above CQ Press collections will be removed from SFX/Alma.

    This article will be further updated once the new Sage Data Collections are updated. 

    Last updated:19-Sept-2023




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