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    Alma CZ: EZB Collection Changes - July 2022

    Question: What is happening to multiple EZB collections in Alma CZ?


    The collections listed below, have been withdrawn by the EZB and are no longer available.  As such they will be removed from the Alma CZ in July 2022.

    For details regarding currently available EZB collections see:

    Target ID Collection Public name
    614950000000000829 EZB-BAYK8-00270 Elsevier (ScienceDirect) - BSB
    614950000000000828 EZB-BAYK8-00271 Elsevier (ScienceDirect) - BSB (Archivtitel)
    615280000000001519 EZB-HBZSP-01482 Springer
    615280000000001520 EZB-HBZSP-01550 hbzKon Springer Archivtitel 2015
    615280000000001521 EZB-HBZSP-01551 hbzKon Springer Archivtitel 2014
    615280000000001522 EZB-HBZSP-01552 hbzKon Springer Archivtitel 2013
    615280000000001523 EZB-HBZSP-01553 hbzKon Springer Archivtitel 2012
    615280000000001524 EZB-HBZSP-01554 hbzKon Springer Archivtitel 2017
    615280000000001525 EZB-HBZSP-01555 hbzKon Springer Archivtitel 2016
    615280000000001528 EZB-HBZSP-01567 hbzKon_Springer_Archiv_2011
    615280000000001529 EZB-HBZSP-01568 hbzKon_Springer_Archiv_2010
    615280000000001530 EZB-HBZSP-01569 hbzKon_Springer_Archiv_2007-2009
    614910000000000725 EZB-NALIB-00471 RSC Journals Complete NK
    614910000000000790 EZB-NALJE-00141 JSTOR Music Legacy NK
    614910000000000809 EZB-NALKA-00529 Cambridge Journals HSS AL
    614910000000000810 EZB-NALKA-00530 Cambridge Journals MV AL
    614910000000000813 EZB-NALKA-00533 Cambridge Journals STM AL
    614910000000000814 EZB-NALKB-00534 Izvestija Digital Archive 1917-1991 AL
    614910000000000835 EZB-SPIED-00603 SPIE Digital Library AL



    Whom do I contact for assistance?

    • If you are having issues with missing titles or broken links, open a case with Ex Libris Content Support for the Alma Data Services Team


    • Article last edited: 22-JUN-2022
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