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    Bibliographic Duplications in Alma CZ


    Duplicate Bibliographic records in the CZ are a known issue, due to multiple title lists from multiple providers that sometimes contain overlapping information.

    Ex Libris has different mechanisms to control these duplicates, based on matching data points such as identifiers, publishers, date of publication and URL.

    However, some duplicates are still being created because of mismatches in these data points, and we are constantly improving the criteria for matching to prevent redundant duplications.

    Also, for titles without identifiers, we are more conservative on our match mechanism. In order to avoid wrong matches, we prefer to create new bibliographic record if the metadata is even slightly different. 

    We are aware of these duplications, and we are working both internally with our development teams and externally with providers to eliminate the number of redundant duplications.




    • Article last edited: 30-Jul-2023
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