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    Community Zone Monograph Records Enrichment

    Brief monograph records in the Alma Community Zone Central KnowledgeBase (CKB) are regularly enriched by Ex Libris using MARC records from several different providers. The schedule of monograph enrichment varies, depending on the availability of new eBook provider records.
    Community Zone records enriched by provider MARC data are Provider neutral, and potentially comprised of information from a variety of provider sources - that is, they can be merged together (for more information, see Alma Community Catalog: Cataloging Standards, Policies, Rights, and Responsibilities).
    For detailed information about serials enrichment using CONSER records, please see Community Zone Serial Records Enrichment.

    Review & Agreements for Enrichment

    Ex Libris’ legal team reviews each potential provider MARC record set separately for enrichment and inclusion in the Community Zone. Because MARC records are an integral part of vendors’ business models, and Community Zone records are open to use and editing by members of the Alma community, this review is necessary before the addition of any new provider MARC records to the Community Zone.
    In many cases, Ex Libris will also need to sign agreements with providers regarding records to be loaded into the Community Catalog.
    Please note that this legal review, including intellectual property issues, must be done even if a provider’s MARC records are freely available for personal or library institutional use on a provider’s website. If you are a provider who contracts a third party to create MARC records, it is important to review the details of those contracts, to confirm that you have the rights to redistribute those records to another party.

    Identifying provider records in the Community Zone

    When reviewing Community Zone records, you can see the latest source of provider MARC record enrichment in the Originating system. (Please note that this is the latest source; as noted earlier, some records will also potentially have information from multiple provider sources.)
    For example, this record was last enriched using a ProQuest Ebook Central MARC21 record:


    The following is a list of provider MARC record sources in the Community Zone, with their associated Originating system, if available. We will continue updating this table to add additional Originating systems, and new provider record sources in the future.
    Most recent updates:
    Update April 2024: Added Gale record set
    Update December 2023: Added Kluwer Health, Adam Matthew, and Canada Commons record sets
    Update July 2023: Added McGraw Hill and Docuseek record sets
    Update June 2023: Added ProQuest Acta Sanctorum, Patrologia Latina, and NBER record sets
    Provider record source
    Originating system
    i.e., latest record source

    Expected Update Frequency

    Provider dependent
    360 KB 360KB Original records from the 360 KB Catalogers When available
    A-R Editions A-R_EDITIONS   Quarterly
    ACLS Humanities E-Book ACLS   When available
    Adam Matthew Digital AM   When available
    AIP Publishing AIP   Monthly
    Alexander Street Press ASP   Monthly
    Allvit ALLVIT   No new updates are available for electronic records
    American Mathematical Society RPAM   When available
    American Society Of Civil Engineers ASCE ASCE    
    Bloomsbury BLOOMSBURY   Monthly
    Brill BRILL   Monthly
    When available
    Cambridge University Press
    Canada Commons CANADA   When available
    Casalini Libri
    To find Casalini records, search for:
    Originating System->CKB AND Other System Number->IfFiC
    One-time load
    Credo Reference CREDO   When available
    CRKN (Canadian Research Knowledge Network) CRKN   When available
    Duke University Press
    When available
    Digitalia DIGITALIA   Quarterly
    De Gruyter DE_GRUYTER   Monthly
    Docuseek DOCUSEEK   When available
    Early English Books Online EEBO   When available
    Early European Books EEB   When available
    Ebook Central - via Provider Zone PZ_Ebook Central    
    Ebook Central - not via Provider Zone
    When available (daily or weekly)
    Editorial Médica Panamericana ES-EdMePa   When available
    Edward Elgar Publishing
    eLibro ELIBRO    
    Emerald EMERALD   Bimonthly
    EMS (European Mathematical Society) EMS   When available
    Exact Editions EXACT_ED   When available
    Gale GALE  

    Ebooks: monthly

    Primary sources: as available

    Harvard University Press
    Twice yearly per provider
    Henry Stewart Talks HST    
    IEEE - via Provider Zone PZ_IEEE Xplore    
    IEEE - not via Provider Zone
    When available
    iG Publishing iG   Monthly
    Intelex INTELEX    
    IOP Publishing
    Karger KARGER    
    Kluwer Health LWW   One-time load
    Kotar KOTAR   Weekly
    Knowledge Unlatched KU   Monthly
    Library of Congress LIBRARY_OF_CONGRESS    
    Maruzen MARUZEN   When available
    McGraw Hill MCGHED   When available
    Microform Academic Publishers BOA   One-time load
    MIT Press MIT   Approx. Biannually
    Morgan & Claypool MORGAN   When available
    Movie Discovery MOVDIS   Weekly
    National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) NBER    
    To find OECD records, search for:
    Originating System->CKB AND Other System Number-> FR-PaOEC
    When available
    OpenEdition FrMaCLE   Weekly
    Open Textbook Library OTL   Monthly
    O'Reilly OREILLY Enrichments loaded prior to 2023 are under Originating System: SAFARI Monthly
    Oxford University Press
    Preselect PRESELECT    
    Project MUSE
    ProQuest Acta Sanctorum and Patrologia Latina PROQUEST   One-time load
    ProQuest Literature PQLIT   Twice yearly per provider
    Psik PSIK   Weekly PSYCH   When available
    SAE Mobilus SAE   When available
    SAGE Publishing - via Provider Zone PZ_SAGE    
    SAGE Publishing - not via Provider Zone
    When available
    When available
    SPIE SPIE   When available
    Springer Nature
    Taylor & Francis TAYLORFRANCIS   When available
    Thieme THIEME   When available
    University of Michigan Press UMP   Monthly
    UTB UTB   When available
    World Scientific WSPC   Monthly or Quarterly
    Yale University Press YALE   Monthly


    Article last edited: 25-Apr-2024